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JavaScript For Each – Introduction, Functions, and More

What is JavaScript? why is it used?

When you search for any information on the Internet, you browse many web pages that are written in a different language. In the same way, why do you use JavaScript despite being a programming language like Python, Java, PHP, C ++,  JS is a powerful scripting language, which is used to create web pages and applications. You should learn this because as a web technology it is being used in about 95% of websites today. Every web developer says that in the coming time, JavaScript has the highest scope. In this post, we will give you complete information about this, so let’s first know, what JavaScript is.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is known as JS in a programming language. It is interpreted as a programming language interpreted with object-oriented capabilities. It is also called dynamic computer programing language. Its program is called Script. Using this, you can apply different types of things in web pages. Its scripts can be provided and executed as plain text.

JavaScript is one of the three main technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW), followed by HTML, CSS. All the main websites on the Internet use it. Because it enables an interactive web page, that’s why it is used a lot in creating web applications. It is very lightweight due to which JavaScript is presently in a large part of the web page.

Initially, it was named LiveScript, not JavaScript. But after that, it changed its name and today we know it by the name of JavaScript. Many people think Java and JavaScript are the same languages but both are completely different from each other. The reason for their names being the same is that Java was very popular at that time, due to which its name was also kept so that it would be considered the same.

What is HTML Tag

What is HTML Tag

Learn HTML

What is web designing

But today JavaScript has become an independent language with its own ECMAScript. Today it can be executed not only in Browser but also in the server.

JavaScript Definition – Important Point

1. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. The source code of which is processed by the server instead of the client’s web browser.
2. Using it, you can add HTML to a web page. You can also change the content as well as modify the page style.
3. It was developed to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites.
4. It is an open and cross-platform aimed at giving a better experience for the user.
5. Just like PHP and ASP, JavaScript code can be inserted anywhere within the Html of a webpage.
6. Cookies can be received with the help of JavaScript and they can also be set. It is used to ask questions to visitors and perform a massage show.

JavaScript Syntax

JavaScript Syntax

JS Syntax refers to a set of rules. Which determines how language will be written by a programmer and interpreted by the browser. JavaScript is implemented in a web page using a JavaScript statement placed within the <script> HTML tag. You can place any script tag inside your web page. But the recommended way is to keep it within the <head> tag. The purpose of using it is that it alerts the browser program to start interpreting all the text used between these tags as a script.

JavaScript Variables

JavaScript Variables

JavaScript, like many other programming languages, has variables. It is loosely typed, you can specify any type of literal values for the variable. You must declare this before using Variables in a JavaScript program. These are declared with Var Keyword as follows.

These operators are used to specify the values, compare the values, perform arithmetic operations and much more. For example, 2 + 3 = 5. Here 2 and 3 are called operands and expression ‘+’ can be called an operator.

JavaScript Operators
Arithmetic operators
Comparison operators
Assignment operators
Conditional operators

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Functions

It is a block of code that is designed to perform a particular task. This eliminates the need to write code again and again. This helps the programmer to write the module code. Before using any functions, we have to define it. To define a function in JavaScript, we write the keyword before the function, then after writing the function name and parameters list, we close the statement in the curly bracket.

Use of javascript

Which is used to add automation, animations, and interactivity to web pages? Web developers use JavaScript to make web pages complex.

Web development is one area where JavaScript is used the most. Because it is a Client scripting language, it is used to create web pages.

Many programming languages were used for the development of technology browser and personal computer. But JavaScript took it to the next level. Due to this, such applications were developed. Node JS is used to create a Web Server. Node JS has many advantages. The servers built by it are very fast and do not use buffering.

JavaScript is also used in creating mobile applications. The most important thing that the only JavaScript can do is to create applications without web contexts. With this help, both Android and iOS applications can be made. This is some area where JavaScript is used more. Apart from this, it is also used in making Games and Server applications. There are many other things that can do this, but this is an important area.

Advantage of JavaScript

By now you must have understood “what is JavaScript” and why it is used. So, let’s now tell you some of its benefits, due to which you should learn it.

Main advantage of JavaScript

1) JavaScript is a very fast programming language, it can be run immediately in the client-side browser. Unless external resources are required,
2). There are many free websites and tools available for learning JavaScript so that you do not have any problem in learning and implementing it.
3) It can be used with Html, CSS, PHP, C ++ or any other language.
4) It supports all browsers and gives the same result in all. It is very easy and flexible.

5) Due to its Event-based language, many code segments are executed when a certain event occurs in JavaScript. If understood in easy language, a code section is executed when the user clicks on the button or moves the mouse over the object.

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