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The Best Things About The C++ Programming  

C++ programming is a popular programming language, which is used to build system or application software drivers, and client-server applications, Bjarne Stroustrup wanted to combine C and Simula67 languages to create a language that has all the features of object-oriented programming, It was because of this thinking that C ++ was born, generally C ++ programming language has been considered as middle-level programming language, because it has the properties of both High-Level Programming Language and Low-Level Programming Language. The language developed by C ++ Bjarne Stroustrup. Before the advent of C ++, C and Simula67 were two very popular programming languages. It is an object-oriented programming language that was created between 1979 and 1983,

It is mostly used to write device driver programs, system software, and applications that rely on direct hardware manipulation under real-time constraints. C ++ programming language is used to create computer software. Along with computer software, it has also been used for computer hardware, servers, C ++ is used in various fields by Programmer,

Take Advantage Of The C++ Language features – Read These Tips

C++ Features

C++ programming is an object-oriented programming language and is a very simple and easy language, This is a multi-pattern, compilation, free form, general-purpose, statistic typing programming language. It is known as a middle-level language because it has a low level And both high-level language features are included. C ++ language is also used to make all kinds of embedded software, device drivers, even compilers, interpreters of different types of programming languages, different types of microcontrollers are made in C ++ language, C ++ object-oriented programming language and it’s a very simple and easy language,

Powerful – It is a very energetic programming language, it has a wide variety of functions, control statements, data types, etc.

Message Passing – It is an object-oriented program consist of a set of objects that communicate with each other. Objects send and receive information with each other, as people send messages to each other.

Compiler based – It is a compiler-based programming language which means any C ++ program can be executed without the compiler.

Overloading – Overloading is a type of polymorphism. Depending on its context, an object may receive different meanings when an existing operator or function starts working on a new data type, which is considered overloaded.

Classes – Class is a collection of data and sets of codes.

Abstraction – This is one of the most powerful and important features provided by object-oriented C ++ programming language. The main idea behind Data Intangible is to give a clear distinction between data type properties and allied implementation details.

Polymorphism – Polymorphism means that you can implements a variety of tasks with one name, in this language the polymorphism function is implements by overloading, in which the function of one name is executed in different condition.

“The C++ language” Data Types

C++ data type

Built-in Data Types 
Built-in data types are predefined data types that are of particular meaning to the compiler such as int, char, etc.

User-Defined Data Types 
In this language we can create our own data types which are known as user-defined data types like: Structure, Class, Enumeration. e.t.c.

Derived data types 
Variables for derived data types allow us to store a value of the same type in a variable but does not allow storing multiple values of different types. Here are some important C ++ derived data types such as Arrays, Functions, Pointers, etc.

“The c++ programming language” Compilers Types 

High level language

Turbo – Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10. The .NET Framework is required for Windows 7, Vista and XP, but no pre-requisites for recent Windows versions.

Xcode – It is for Apple’s own version of the Mac OSX operating system and GCC. It has excellent documentation and SDKs for Mac and iPhones. If you have a Mac, this is what you use. Microsoft Windows.

SDK – This free SDK is for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 It provides a tool library, code sample, and a support system for compilers developers.

“The c++ programming language” Operators Types

c++ programming language

• Assignment Operators
• Bitwise Operators
• Logical Operators
• Arithmetic Operators
• Relational Operators

Advantage of “C++ Programming Language”

Syntax based Language
Compiler Based
Efficient Use of Pointers
Rich Library
Memory Management
Fast Speed
Machine Independent language
Case Sensitive
Platform Dependent
Low level as well as High level
Easy to Learn

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