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Online Photo Editors – Features, Details and More

5 Facts About Online Photo Editors everyone Should Know –

The best online photo editor looks so much more amazing than the natural look of the picture. The one solution to all problems of photo editing is the online photo editor software. These are easily found online and most of these software comes free of cost. These make jobs so easy in real sense. Some of the features of these online photo editors are listed as under:

Enhancement of the photo: Fix the color, change the background or simply any change that you want to make can be done with these photo editing apps. Hi-definition options available can be used.

Blurring: When you want to focus only on a certain part of a photo and not the entire one, the blurring feature is excellent in this matter. Brush sizes of multiple variations do the job.

Lighting: Usage of brightening, highlights, and contrasts does the work for most parts of a picture. All of these can be found under the slider bar and you can choose the one which you like best.

Overlays: If you are planning of creating any kind of dramatic effect layers, then the best way is by using the overlays. There are comprehensive free overlays present in these editors.

Rotate and flip photos: Change an angle of a photo or make it face vertically or horizontally, all of these features are available with photo editing apps. A photo can be flipped and give it a different look.

Best Tips For Advantages Of Online Photo Editors

These photo editing apps have so many advantages that you cannot simply count them. Some of these are listed as under:

Less money: These apps are very cheap and affordable and they can be availed both in laptops and phones. You can have these apps at the tip of your fingers just by paying a very small amount. You do not have to worry about capturing the perfect picture as these apps will do the work for you.

Less space is required: You need not worry about the space as everything is done online and stored in the hard drive of the gadget you are using. You don’t even have to download any of these apps and it saves a lot of space in your gadget.

Accessible with the latest features: Every enhanced feature that gets introduced is present in these apps. Be it a funny emoticon or better photo effects, you get it instantly. The best part is that you can use these latest features before anyone uses them.

User-friendly: These apps are very user-friendly where you do not have to struggle for getting a great picture. All of the options are available easily and you have to simply choose them. Be it a frame or different kind of filters, check them out and use them.

Easy access to photographs: If there is any virus attack on the gadget where you save photos, you might not be able to get them back. In the case of online photo editors, everything is done online and so, you can have hassle-free photographs anytime. This makes it secure and sound all the time.

Disadvantages of these Online Apps:

Less Storage: There are so many apps that provide just 1 GB to store all photos online. You might have more photos than that. This becomes difficult at times. So, it becomes important to choose the correct photo editing app for you.

Unrealistic Photos: If you use editing apps all the time, then it becomes a habit and natural photos are also great at times. Too many filters can damage the actual look of the photos.

Use of the Internet: Online apps need a good Internet connection to use them. If you don’t have a good Internet connection, then it becomes waste and you cannot use it. It must be present at all times.

Best Online Editor Apps

Best online editor apps


This is an easy software to use where you have your workspace. It supports a full screen and the tools and layers are positioned in a flexible way making it easy for one to use it. Clone fill, color fill, magic, etc. are some of the filters which you can use.


The interface of this software is very clear and the autosave mode help to save every work of yours. It works with layers well and other features are airbrushing, filling the canvas, etc. There are so many filters to choose from. The photos do not need any kind of flash.


Fotor is used mostly for retouching in the photos. A maximum of 3 photos can be taken and combined into a single frame. The Dynamic Range is unique in this app. Each separate photo can have the best light and tone.


BeFunky is easy and simple to use and it comes with collage features. You can make brochures, postcards or powerpoint slides easily. It is mostly for presenting your work to clients or posting on social networks.


This particular app comes with a fantastic zoom feature with one click where you can save a lot of time. Background erasers, clone tools, curve adjustments, etc. are some of the advanced features available here.

These are some of the basics of online photo editors. They are a must-try and useful for everyone.

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