create a Gmail Account

How to create a Gmail Account? Step by Step guide

How to create a Gmail Account?

Gmail ( Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. It enables us to send and receive emails for any sort of official and unofficial work such as promotion, marketing, business, education, etc.

When creating the new Gmail account write all the knowledge you input within the registration page into notebook and keep it save, above all the Username which is your email address and your password, Date of birth, the username and therefore the password is what you’ll use to Log in to you Gmail account any time. After check-in for a replacement Gmail account, create a Gmail account you’ll use equivalent details to log in to Youtube, Play Store, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Calendar and much more.
Also, you need to confirm your telephone number is valid just in case of any issues you would possibly have together with your account.

Gmail Features –

Smart Compose


You can easily access the Gmail search.

Archive your emails and Undo sent mail

Switching between Gmail accounts by that you can easily switch.

The confidential mode that feature also in Gmail

G-Suite apps and other add-ons it is integrated with Gmail.

You can send large attachments by Gmail.

Scheduling messages by that you can schedule your messages.

Creating Gmail account:

1. Navigate to

2. Click on create an account.

How to create a Gmail Account? Step by Step guide

3. Select the purpose of creating an account for myself or to manage my business.

4. Enter your personal details and desired password. Now click on next.

How to create a Gmail Account? Step by Step guide

5. Now enter your phone number for verification purposes.

How to create a Gmail Account? Step by Step guide

6. Google will send you a verification code in the message that you will receive on your mobile phone to complete the verification process.

CREATE ACCOUNT - An Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and More

7. Now fill the personal detail form and click on next.

Also, read how to delete the Gmail account for the same click here.

8. Click on “I agree” and you are good to go.

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