Ethernet Cable Extender and its’ Applications

An Ethernet cable extender is any device wont to extend an Ethernet or network segment beyond its inherent distance limitation.

These devices employ a spread of transmission technologies and physical media (wireless, copper wire, fiber-optic cable, coaxial cable).

Extenders that use copper wire include 2- and 4-wire variants using unconditioned copper wiring to increase a LAN. Network extenders use various methods (line encodings), like TC-PAM, 2B1Q, or DMT, to transmit information.

While transmitting over copper wire doesn’t leave the speeds that fiber-optic transmission does, it allows the utilization of existing voice-grade copper or CCTV coax wiring.

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Copper-based Ethernet extenders must be used on an unconditioned wire (without load coils), like unused twisted pairs and alarm circuits.

Connecting a personal LAN between buildings or more distant locations may be a challenge. Wi-Fi requires a transparent line-of-sight, special antennas, and is subject to weather.

If the buildings are within 100m, a traditional coaxial cable segment, are often used, with due consideration of potential grounding problems between the locations.

Up to 200m, it’s going to be possible to line up a standard Ethernet bridge or router within the middle, if power and weather protection are often arranged.

Some equipment can inter-connect two LANs over one twisted pair of wires. Distances of 300 m (1000 feet) at 50 Mbit/s up to eight km (5.0 mi) at 128 kbit/s is feasible. coax, are often permitting higher speeds and bigger distances than twisted pair wires.

The equipment is usually simple to work, and therefore the connection wire is common, cheap, and maintainable.

The simplest method is to use a coupler referred to as an RJ45 Coupler. it’s simply two RJ45 sockets connected straight through and allows you to connect the ends of two Ethernet cables to effectively extend the length.

An Ethernet cable extender is any device wont to extend an Ethernet or network segment beyond its inherent distance.

An Ethernet Extender may be a network communication module that will leverage Ethernet Distance and WAN technologies together to transparently drive Ethernet LAN communications beyond the IEEE 802.3 specification.

All Ethernet device manufactures since then have limited your installable Ethernet Distance limit to 100m unless you add another powered Ethernet device to bridge and boost the Ethernet signal to a different 100m.

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This requires electric power every 100m also for installers. An Industrial Ethernet Extender eliminates that requirement and extra costs for you to increase your Ethernet Distance.

Sometimes an Enable-IT Ethernet Extender is often mislabeled and mentioned as an Ethernet Repeater, CAT5 Extender, CAT 6 Extender, Ethernet Bridge, Network Bridge, LAN Extender – all of which are terms for the results, but not an accurate description of the Enable-IT Industrial Ethernet Extender technology designed to increase effective Ethernet Distance.

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