India is considered to be a hub for information technology development and growth. In the area of technology, India is considered to show some notable achievements like the emergence of AI i.e. artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, etc, and many more. India has adopted some of these notably and famous technology trends which are being observed and used around the world.

These latest, advanced technological developments have given rise to a wide range of opportunities for people in the area of mobile applications, VR and AR gaming, web-technology, food technology, and many more. All these advancements in various services have created opportunities for the export services of IT from India. The art of building technology and learning something new never fails and stops. The building of higher and better, efficient technology for the nation is also a continuous process.


  1. Virtual reality and augmented reality

Through this emergence of technology user experience will completely change in the area of entertainment and using various business applications. Virtual reality is basically a computer-generated experience that enables users to explore a virtual world and interact with the help of it. There has been a rise in this technology due to the increase in demand for smart devices.

  • Connected Devices

These are basically physical devices that connect with each other through WIFI or a wireless network. These devices help to have a better user experience for people through easy, simple connecting procedures of devices to enjoy the benefits of the internet of things. The majority of people adopts connected devices into their homes by owning a smart home appliance such as smart TV, smartphone, etc.

  • Autonomous vehicles

The introduction of self-driving vehicles which operates on their own. They perform even important functions without any human intervention. Telsa, Alphabet, and Waymo are some of the examples of this type of advanced, latest technological companies that are set to bring these type of autonomous or self-driving cars on roads.

  • Robotics

With the advancement, development in technology robotics solutions is considered to be a real-world thing. For performing difficult tasks to tedious ones robotics is an effective, efficient emerging tool for human beings in this modern and digital era. In the level of industries, robots are playing an important role by opening new opportunities for bringing change in the manufacturing of various products and services. Robots are also seen working in cooperation with humans. Robots self-operated vehicles are manufactured and being used for shifting goods between various workstations.

  • Nanotechnology

It will influence various sectors of the global economy. It consists of an understanding of all the sciences of the technology of nano-meter objects. The application of this technology ranges from healthcare, electronics, manufacturing, food processing, producing green energy and space, etc. In the medical area, researchers are developing customized nano-particles which are of the size of molecules for delivering the drugs directly to diseased cells in the human beings’ body. If it works, then the damage caused to the cells of humans will lower. This latest, advancement in the area of medical will bring change in the treatment of various diseases that cause damage or harm to human’s healthy cells.

The advancement in technology changes the lives of human beings in terms of standards of living. It makes the life of humans smooth, easy. The quality of life improves.  Technology can increase the number of jobs in India as the Indian economy is based on 92% of informal employment. In India, the vast majority of workers are not employed and companies demand independent workers and there is a rise in the interest of independent and digitally-enabled work among the youths of India. There is an increase in access to the Internet for creating better and high-paying jobs to bring more workers into the paid economy and for ensuring that independent workers have access to larger markets, social security, and protection and enabling the flexibility required for firms to adjust in this technological change era.

The advancement in technology will bring some positive change in India. It will enable people in India to adapt to transformative technology in jobs, work, and skills. Above mentioned five emerging technologies will be enabled to build a better and improved future for a country like India.


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