7 Movies on Netflix All Entrepreneurs Should Watch

7 Movies on Netflix All Entrepreneurs Should Watch, Like everybody else, entrepreneurs, now and then, need a night off. What better way to veg out than a binge-watching night on Netflix? But even a couch potato evening can lead to a lightning bolt of inspiration if you’re looking at the right stuff. Spend a little time recharging your batteries and get revitalised on Netflix with these seven informative films.

1. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

This documentary, created by Netflix, is about the notorious failed attempt to stage a music festival in the Bahamas in 2017. It focuses on the catastrophic build-up to the event, which was supposed to be a glittering three-day luxury festival, but for the people who paid thousands to participate, it was instead a hellish and ghastly experience.

Slick videos with influencers were crucial to helping Fyre Fest sell 5,000 tickets, but there was absolutely no intention to pursue the interactions advertised by the videos as the film reveals. The film provides entrepreneurs with some significant lessons, particularly anyone interested in using influencer marketing as a way to develop your business quickly. To market your brand, you can recruit the most famous celebrities and influencers, but that’s not what ‘s going to make your business a success. Make sure you set standards that you can actually meet and, most of all, have a satisfactory experience for customers.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness:-

The Pursuit of Happyness is about winning the fight against all odds while remaining true to your inner compass, based on Chris Gardner’s heart-wrenching “rags to riches” memoirs. Gardner’s almost one-year battle with homelessness while raising his young son and seeking an unpaid internship as a stockbroker is detailed in the novel. At times, when struggling to sell medical bone-density scanners for sales, he had to resort to sleeping in a subway bathroom. It has been decades since the release of this film, and yet the subject is still important today.

What are we expected to learn from this film? Moments of depression are facing us all (although most of us are fortunate enough to never face the extreme difficulties Gardner had to overcome). But you have to keep going forward and believing in your dream, no matter how bad things get.


3. Yes Man:-

The fundamental premise of Yes Man is simple: to say yes to all things in existence. That is because life is meant to be completely embraced, with all of its uncertainty, danger and fun. Carl Allen is a man in the film who ultimately lives to say no to anything. Carl attends a self-help conference focused on the idea of saying yes to every question thrown his way, totally caught in a negative mind-set. The outcome of Carl saying yes to any chance is what happens next, which is crazy and a lot of fun, of course. In the end, Carl understands that he took the “yes” exercise a little too far, but he’s changed for the better.

The morals of the story: take advantage of the day, enjoy life, have fun and say yes whenever possible. This film is light-hearted, full of laughter and has a strong message of inspiration. It’s a reminder to look for a compromise between saying yes and saying no as our way comes with opportunities.

4. The Theory of Everything:-

One of the most brilliant and prominent scientists of our time was the late Stephen Hawking. But he was an exceptional man, as well as harbouring an outstanding scientific mind. Hawking was a survivor who went on to live a full and accomplished life and overcame what was supposed to be a fatal case of ALS (or Lou Gehrig ‘s disease). When he was hospitalised in 1964, he was given no more than two to three years to live, but the condition progressed more slowly than expected. Hawking was confined to a wheelchair for most of his life, however, and he had to resort to speaking through a voice synthesiser and talking by moving his eyebrows as his condition deteriorated.

Main takeaways: Do not avoid asking questions at all. Hawking didn’t let anything hold him back or keep him out of his life’s dream of making something amazing. He proved time and again that if we are brave enough to dream, believe and work hard, life will give us great things. If you love a great tale of grit and resilience, don’t move it on.

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5. Steve Jobs:-

It’s obvious that Steve Jobs was not going to pursue the well-trodden road to success from the very beginning of this biographical film. The film is divided into three parts, each of which focuses on the period immediately before the launch of a key product. These scenes provide valuable insights not only into Job’s professional growth, but also into his frequently strained personal life. Jobs was a smart man gravitating toward those who had shared his obsessions. But he was not really good at playing well with others, as the film reveals.

6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind:-

This Netflix original is based on the true storey of a boy who, by building a windmill to provide water and electricity, rescued his city from famine.

When he was forced to drop out of school in Malawi because his family could not afford the school fees, William Kamkwamba was an teenager. He started to look for a solution when drought, deforestation, flooding and famine struck his village. He borrowed books from the library of his former school, and learned about wind turbines from them. This is a tale of extraordinary creativity at its heart. From this storey, what can entrepreneurs learn? The mother of invention is necessity, and power is knowledge. Each venture also comes with inherent risk, but every risk creates new possibilities. The key is, you don’t have to let your fears hold you back. There are lessons to be learned even in failure and new targets to move on to.

7. Inception:-

This is one of those convincing psychodramas of science fiction that will have you pondering the subconscious ‘s effect on our waking lives and what reality really means. Dom Cobb is a thief in the movie with the ability to penetrate the dreams of people and snatch their secrets from their subconscious, a hot commodity in the corporate espionage world. If he uses “inception” to introduce the idea of another person into his target ‘s mind, he is given a chance to get his criminal past deleted. As Cobb is well aware, however, the subconscious mind will repel the initiation attempts, especially if that planted idea is not authentic. The storey explores the concept of “dream-sharing,” communicating on a far deeper level with others, and being able to tap into the core values of others.

Inception has many valuable perspectives, seen from the perspective of a professional marketer. First of all, any start-up seeking to raise capital from investors basically attempts to sell a dream and hopes to make investors see the dream as their own. The concept of a well-crafted, genuine message that resonates with a targeted audience is also focused on effective marketing. Inception marketing, correctly performed, exerts a subtle effect on the viewer, so it seems normal, almost as if it was their own idea.

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