What is about: blank Page and About: Blank HTML in a Browser

What Is about blank?

If we see “about blank” in our web browser’s address bar, we’re viewing an empty page that is built into our web browser. It’s a part of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and many other browsers. About: blank is a special blank page in our browsers appearing due to problems, malware, or some other malware removal. It can also be a useful home page for us. We get the “about: blank” page whenever we run IE. The problem, of course, is that about: blank can show up unexpectedly, confusing many people about why, and what to do next.

There’s nothing wrong with about blank. Many people intentionally choose to use about blank as their home page, ensuring that their web browser always opens with this empty white screen. This is a blank page built into your web browser. The “about:” part of the address tells the browser to show internal and built-in web pages. For example, in Chrome, you can type about: settings into the address bar to open the Settings page or about: downloads to view Chrome’s file downloads list.

When you type about blank into the address bar and press Enter, your web browser will automatically load an empty page with nothing on it. This page isn’t from the internet—it’s built into your web browser.

Why Is about blank Useful?

Many people intentionally use about blank as their home page. This gives us an empty page each time you open your browser. To achieve this, all you have to do is go into your browser’s settings and tell it to open with “about blank” instead of another web page. Web browsers may also open the blank about blank page if they launch and they don’t know what else to display. A browser always has to display something, after all, and loading about: blank is a way of displaying a blank page.

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Anchor links may have a target attribute which controls what happens when that link is clicked. Target="_blank" is a change in default behaviour. Links opening within the same page is the default behaviour (as if the link had target="_self" on it).Perhaps you’ve developed a personal taste for opening all links in new windows/tabs. That’s wonderful for us, but it is safe to assume most users are most comfortable with the default behaviour. And thus less comfortable with our forcing of a different behaviour.If it’s an internal tool just for us, we can do whatever we want. If other people use the site, leave it be.It is also worth noting that users can use a link to open in a new window/tab clicking a link. That means both behaviours are available to them for links. That also means that if we like opening new tabs, we can, and you don’t have to impart that behaviour on anyone else.



About blank as we know is a special page within most browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome), and it does nothing but displays a blank page. However, malware will explicitly mess with your web browser settings, and about blank will be displayed. Our browser homepage is the page we see when you first run the browser or hit the “Home” button. We can set the homepage to be whatever you like. “About blank” is one option, specifically because since there’s nothing to display — it’s a blank page.