The first name that comes running to our minds when we say voiceless
is animals. Domestic animals that we see around make our hearts ache
more than the wild animals. The wild animals who live in the forests do
adjust according to their conditions but the pets get burdened with the
pressure of our amusement.

Though there has been a huge increase in
the number of veterinarians, there has also been an increase in the
a number of heartless people around.

In this pandemic situation, we see that people are dying and there is a
death knell being blown by the devil but how many of us care about what
is happening to those mute animals who cannot even convey their
problems. How many of us do know the problems that they are going
through every day we can feed them and care for them but is food and
care all that we might have been needing to live?

The uncountable number of species are getting endangered every day in
some parts of the world. Be it because of pollution or our carelessness
or lack of awareness have brought an immense amount of danger in the
lives of our mute friends. Something that we forget is our world works in
a proper balance and not balancing any of the domains is ultimately
going to come back to us.

The high-scale deforestation for our luxurious greed has snatched away
the homes of thousands of animals and birds pushing them in the pain
that they cannot even express.

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I agree that for the betterment of our lives we have to take up certain steps that are not good for everyone but none of us can deny the fact that we use more than is needed.
Luckily, we still have some people with enough humanity towards
animals and there is a huge range of veterinarians around for helping
these poor creatures out.

If all of us get a little bit more aware of our
behavior towards them, maybe we will make the world a better place to
live in.


Before being rude to anyone it’s very important to remember that
whatever goes, comes back with more intensity. Nothing happens alone.
Everything is inter-related and inter-connected. Spreading awareness all
around us is highly necessary to fight the small differences we have
among us.