How to Apply Landscape in Google Docs on Android

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What is google docs?

Google Docs may be a free Web-based application during which documents and spreadsheets are often created, edited, and stored online.

Files are often accessed from any computer with an online connection and a full-featured browser. Google Docs may be a part of a comprehensive package of online applications offered by and related to Google.

Users of Google Docs can import, create, edit and update documents and spreadsheets in various fonts and file formats, combining text with formulas, lists, tables, and pictures.

Google Docs is very much compatible with most presentation software and word processing system applications. Work is often published as an internet page or as a print-ready manuscript.

Users can control who sees their work. Google Docs is right for publishing within an enterprise, maintaining blogs, or composing work for viewing by the overall public.

This teaches you how to change the orientation of a Google Docs file to landscape (horizontal) mode on an Android phone or tablet.

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How to  Apply Landscape in Google Docs on Android

How to apply landscape mode

Steps :

Open Google Docs on your Android.

How to  Apply Landscape in Google Docs on Android

Look for the icon consisting of a blue sheet of paper with one down-turned corner. You’ll usually find it on the house screen or within the app drawer.

Tap the document to open it.

How to  Apply Landscape in Google Docs on Android

Tap the pencil icon. It’s in a circle at the bottom-right corner of the document. You are now in editing mode.


Tap the ⁝ menu. It’s in the top-right corner.

Tap Page setup. It’s near the middle of the menu.

Tap Orientation. It’s at the top of the menu.

Tap Landscape. This flips the orientation of your document from portrait (the standard vertical format) to the broader landscape format.

Tap the rear button to return to the document. You may have to tap it several times.

Since you’re viewing the document in editing mode on a small screen, it won’t look like anything changed.

But if you print the document, open it on a computer, or switch to print layout view, it’ll be in the landscape.

Switch to print layout view to ascertaining the document in landscape mode.

Tap ⁝at the top-right corner, then slide the ″Print layout″ switch to the On (blue) position.

This makes the document to display in its new landscape format.

If you haven’t finished editing the document, slide the ″Print layout″ switch back to the Off position to return to the editing mode