How to cancel a Uber Ride: A detailed Guide

Hello friends, Welcome to information mania today here we are going to discuss How to cancel a Uber Ride, So in this article, we are going to get detailed information that how a user can cancel their Uber Ride.

With transport ordered directly from your smartphone and purchased automatically, Uber makes getting around your city as easy as tapping a button—literally.

In this article, we will tell you how to cancel an Uber ride in by following some steps.

Whether it’s your first time using Uber or maybe you are a hundredth, we’ve put together some tips for brand spanking new Uber users and veterans alike to form sure your ride experience, from request to drop-off, is as smooth as possible.


A ride request is often canceled freed from charge for up to five minutes after a driver accepts your request. If you cancel after this, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

If your driver is running quite 5 minutes behind the trip’s original ETA, you’ll cancel without being charged a fee.
Cancellation fees vary by city and by-product but are typically between Rs 40 – Rs 100.

How to cancel a Uber Ride: A detailed Guide


If you’re using Uber Lite, you’ll cancel a visit by then tapping on the “Cancel” button on rock bottom left corner of the app

Canceling a Ride

Open the Uber app. If your driver is en-route to your location, you’ll cancel your request. the earlier you send the cancellation, the less likely you will get a cancellation fee.

Now, Tap your driver’s card. you will see this at rock bottom of the screen on the Uber map when a driver has accepted your ride request.

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Then, Tap Cancel. you’ll find this below the driver’s name and movie, next to the “Contact” button.

At last, Tap on Cancel Trip. Your ride is going to be canceled immediately.

You’re not charged a cancellation fee if you cancel within 2-5 minutes of ordering the ride (the exact time varies counting on your location).

You’ll also cancel without a fee if your driver is over 5 minutes late.

• UberPOOL rides are subject to a $2 cancellation fee immediately after ordering the ride. If you’re 2 minutes late to your UberPOOL pickup, you’ll be charged a $2 no-show fee.

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How to cancel a Uber Ride: A detailed Guide

Canceling a Scheduled Ride

Open the Uber app. If you’ve scheduled a future ride within the Uber app, you’ll cancel it without incurring any fees.

You need to tap the ☰ button. you will see this within the upper-left corner of the Uber app screen.

Then, Tap Your Trips.

Now, Tap the Upcoming tab.

Tap Cancel Ride underneath the trip you’re canceling. If you’ve got multiple trips scheduled, scroll until you discover the one you would like to cancel.

Tap Cancel Ride again to verify. As long as you’re canceling before any driver has accepted your ride, you’ll not be charged a cancellation fee.