Mexican Independence Day celebration 2021

On 16th September is officially declared as Mexican Independence Day. All the Mexicans around the globe celebrate an entire week as the anniversary of the country’s independence from Spain. This day is officially declared a national holiday in Spain.

The day in the country is celebrated as national pride, some of the hottest Mexica acts, Sabrosa Food, and much more of celebration events like a parade, dancing, etc. The people of Mexico celebrate the national heritage in front of the world to commemorate the important event in the history of the country.

Why is Mexican Independence Day Celebrated?

Mexico was ruled brutally ruled by the kingdom of Spain for over 300 years. The population was oppressed, farmlands and personal wealth was taken away from them. Only Spaniards were allowed to hold the political posts in the country.

On  16th September 1810, a brave Catholic Priest rebelled against injustice. He rang his church bell and delivered a speech. The speech is now known as the Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores). In the speech, he demanded the end of Spanish rule. His speech gave rise to the long decade of Mexican Independence War. The brutal war ended on 24th August 1821 when the finally Spanish withdrew their power. And Mexico became an independent country. And ever since that day 16th September is celebrated as Mexican Independence Day in the country.

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How is the Mexican Independence Day Celebrated?

Mexican Independence Day has been celebrated worldwide with pride for over 200 plus years. Just like July 4th, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated with a lot of joy in the country. At midnight the sky is filled with fireworks. The whole day is featured with many events. Some of the events include parades, flag-waving, live music, home-cooked feasts, speeches, and much more.

The highlight of the event of the day is when the President of Mexico rings the 200-year-old bell of Father Costilla. Later he recites the Grito de Dolores speech in front of 5,00,000 people. The whole event is broadcasted live to millions via Mexican TV and radio channels.

On the day of Mexican Independence Day, the whole country is filled with red, green, and white colors. The color of the Mexican Flag is seen across the streets of Mexico and even in the cities of the US with a major Mexican Population.

What are the tradition that is followed on the day?

Mexican Independence Day is a national festival for Mexicans. It is celebrated with fireworks, Lots of food and music. One might see the colors of the Mexican flag on the streets of Mexico. The decoration is done keeping in mind the colors of the flag and flowers. Mexican people blow whistles and horns and throw confetti. Also, the crowd is seen chanting  “Viva la Independencia Nacional!” and “Viva Mexico!” during the celebration.

The event is spiced up with traditional mariachi music with live dancing. Food serves as the most important aspect of the Independence Day celebration. All the restaurants and vendors sell traditional Mexican food.

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 People also prepare feasts at home and serve at their parties. The food includes candies like marzipan, ‘pozole’ — a soup made from hominy and pork, Queso Fundido’ — a Mexican cheese fondue, beef stew known as ‘Menudo,’ roast lamb and chips with guacamole and salsa.   People also offer Mexican popular beverages like Mexican beer, sangria, or tequila.

Want to be a part of the Great Mexican Independence Day?

Just like you observe on July 4th you don’t have to be in the country. So, for celebrating Mexican Independence Day you don’t have to be a Mexican nor have to be in the country of Mexico. You could observe the day by sampling enjoying the traditional Mexican food. Grab your Table at a Mexican Restaurant.

No matter in what part of the world you are! Rise and fly the Mexican Flag. The vertical strips on the flag represent in order of independence: Roman, Catholic, and Unity. Now sit in front of your radio or television set and listen to the President of Mexico delivering the El Grito de Dolores, followed by the bell ringing at 11 pm in September. And let the party begin.

Let’s celebrated Mexican Independence Day!