Harem Hotel Cheat Codes: 2021 (Active)

Harem Hotel is a very interesting game. And getting the right code to play the game is the best company on the game. The game is very basic and simple to play. In the game, the player inherits a hotel. There are many girls in the game that stay in the hotel. Your task is to upgrade the hotel, build a friendship with girls, follow up with their stories. You also have to train your maid.

The ultimate goal will be accomplished while you complete all the tasks. The codes that we are providing will support you in the game while completing all the tasks.

What is the use of the Codes?

The Codes in the game will help you to manipulate the character’s attributes. That will make to stay and live a life in the hotel. You can also receive money with the help of the codes. This money will help you to live with luxury and upgrade the hotel.

With the help of these codes, you can also unlock many scenes in the hotel. So the codes are definitely the best thing in the game. We have compiled all the codes that are active which can redeem for rewards.

How To Redeem the Codes in Harem Hotel 2021?

Redeeming the Codes in the game is very simple. Once you understand that you can easily get all the rewards. We have short guide that will help you to redeem the codes.

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Step 1: Open the game once you have turned on your device.

Step 2: Select the Input Code option in the game.

Step 3: Copy-paste and Enter the code that you wish to use.

Follow all the simple steps and receive your reward.  Get all the luxury and extra scenes in the game.

Harem Hotel Codes 2021 (Active)

Here is the list of all the active and updated codes for Harem Hotel. Make optimum utilization of the code to get the best benefits. We have categorized all the codes for you .Also we have mentioned the rewards alongside the code.

Harem Hotel Codes  (Maximize Character Stats)

  • maxmaria : Maximizes Maria’s stats.
  • maxbot :Maximizes Android stats.
  • maxashley : Maximizes Ashley’s stats.
  • maxkali : Maximizes Kali’s stats.
  • maxall :Maximize the stats of each character
  • maxlin : Maximizes Lin’s stats.
  • maxashley : Maximizes Ashley’s stats.
  • maxmaria : Maximizes Maria’s stats.
  • Maxfelicityandemma: Maximizes Felicity and Emma’s stats.

Harem Hotel Codes (Get Money)

  • gimmeallyourmoney: Redeem to get $ 999,999.
  • gimmesomemoney: Redeem to get $ 1,000.

NOTE: We recommend that you frequently make of the above codes to get better results. 

Harem Hotel Codes (Extra Scenes)

  • truestory: convert Felicity and Emma from Clones to Twins.
  • spinningtv : Adds purple mod.
  • ifuck e dlucy : Lucia “let’s have fun” event.

Harem Hotel(Other)

  • dayplus10 : add 10 days more.
  • changename : Changes your name

We hope that you are happy with all the codes that we have provided you with. Make sure you use all the codes and create the best hotel. And always use the active codes in the game. For many more codes stay connected with us.