Connect broadband- Best Tips For Connect Broadband

Connect broadband, All their efforts are focused on realizing their vision at QUADRANT TELEVENTURES LTD (formerly known as HFCL Infotel Ltd),’ To be the most respected brand of telecommunications and infotainment services through creativity and excellence.’

In order to nurture long-lasting relationships with consumers, Connect Broadband recognizes the value of offering premium products and services. For all of the stakeholders involved with the business, there is an attempt to generate meaningful value.

Connect broadband- Best Tips For Connect Broadband

Connect Broadband firmly believes in the values of openness and accountability and will continue to aim for the highest business standards to ensure the development of value for everyone.

*Connect Broadband Plans:-

The Portal offers students an interactive experience by offering a single access point for all content, such as learning management systems, submission of assignments, marks, courses, fee details, exams, results, etc. Knowledge of Link Wireless Internet and wired broadband DSL functions for home or business purposes.

Check the levy graph overview of all boundless Link broadband plans here and compare it with other Chandigarh and Punjab ISP organizations. In view of the developments in DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) or Wireless Broadband (WBB/WiMAXX), these architectures are the same for both wired and remote broadband connections. We normally hold all the data shown, progressive yet and after all, is said and done, there are some broadband plans and plans for the neighborhood Link, which can not usually be indicated on this platform.

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Get Link broadband boundless plans of interest with genuine speed offered and most recent value list information. Know the leasing duties and plans for a month to month to find the right web package for you. See all the new broadband plans for Link in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and Punjab.

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*Connect broadband login:-

By visiting the official website, you can log in to Connect Broadband. You can pick your connection position there and choose the plans as well. Also, log in via your number. Many beneficiaries

Connect broadband- Best Tips For Connect Broadband

*How to Pick the Right Broadband Plans:-

1. Use https:/ to visit

2. Fill in your username, password and login info.

3. For every client, the username is special.

4. Enter the default password, 1234566

5. You now have your account signed in and can verify usage by clicking Usage History.

*Connect broadband customer care:-

For Connect Users • Dial – 198 (toll free)

For Wireline Faults • Dial – 198 (toll free)

For Internet/Technical Complaints • Dial 0172-5122222

For Prepaid Helpline (charges as per tariff plan). • Dial – 155223 (toll free)

For VAS Deactivation • Dial – 199

For Product & Scheme/Billing • Dial – 1999

For Enterprise Solutions • Dial – 1909

For DND/NCPR helpline • Email: [email protected]

• Commercial Communication Preference & UCC Complaint Registration Process

• Commercial Communication Preference & UCC Complaint Registration Guide

For Non-Connect Users • Dial – 1725050505

For Product & Scheme/Billing • Dial – 1725055355 For Wireline Faults/ Internet/Technical Complaints


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*Connect broadband bill payment:-

1. Please visit

2. Please click “Pay Online”

3. The user gets redirected to the page where he needs to pick a service and enter information by clicking “Pay Online.”

4. The user clicks the “Submit button” and the machine fetches the details of the account. The user must enter the amount and pick the payment mode.

5. If the user chooses a debit/credit card, then he/she will be redirected to the payment gateway site by clicking on the’ Submit button’ where he/she needs to place his/her card information to make the payments.

6. If the user chooses Net banking, he will be directed to the payment gateway site by clicking the “Submit” button, where he/she must choose the bank to make the payments.

7. You have made payment of your Link bill upon a good transaction.

Connect broadband- Best Tips For Connect Broadband

*Connect broadband wifi password change:-

1. On a smartphone or laptop, open the window.

2. Type the URL of the configuration portal (for TP-Link router into the address bar and press Enter.

3. Enter the username and password of the router in order to log in.

4. Look for the Wireless Protection option, regardless of the brand name of the router you are using.

5. Go to the PSK Passphrase and type your password after clicking on the Wireless Protection option.

6. Click the Save button and activate the router again.

-Selection of a safe password

It is easy to guess and hit a simple password and the test method will lead to unauthorized access to your shared data link. However, one can pick a safe password for their hotspot by following the guidelines below.


• Use an alphanumeric password always. Avoid using passwords that are easy to guess, such as your pet name, birth date, house number, bike/car number, phone number, etc. The use of special characters makes the password very difficult.

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*Connect broadband app:-

The application for the Broadband program can also be used. It is available on both the IOS and the Google Play Store. Much Beneficiary is the program to be used. And Link Broadband is the name of the program.


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