A new Era Of Gaming with Cricket 22: Release Date and What’s New

The time has finally arrived when Big Studious and Nacon announced the New Era in Cricket Gaming with Cricket 22: The official Game of the Ashes. This game is going to give a real and robust experience to cricket fans.  Cricket Fans will enjoy now enjoy the best seasons of ashes with the game. Cricket 22 is the next the gen of console gaming.

Release Date Cricket 22: The official Game of the Ashes

After the huge success of Cricket, 19 fans were eagerly waiting for some upgraded fun. Big studious has developed Cricket 22 and Nacon is ready to launch the game in the market. The official launch date for the game is announced as 25th November 2021.

Cricket 22 comes with so many exciting features. This time you will be playing exciting stuff like the Big Bash League, the Hundred, the tropical party of the CPL in the Caribbean. There is more than the game offers to licensed and pre-ordered fans.  Read through the article to get to know all the features of the game.  The sad news for the Nintendo Switch Fans as the game will be available by January 2021.

Early Access and Pre-order Details of Cricket 22

 The game has something special for all the early access fans. Pre-orders on Steam, Xbox, and Play station get a chance to play the Net session Challenges. They can get a kickstart to all these from mid-October 2021. Early access doesn’t just stop at the nets you can get the game experience of training, this helps them to be ready and take over the world of Cricket Gaming.

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Some great news also lies for the fans of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as they will be upgraded for free when they purchase the new generation of hardware.

Consoles that Support Cricket 22

This part is the most important part for cricket lovers, no doubt after the amazing features that the game provides. We will discuss the features further ahead in the article. Cricket 22: The official Game of the Ashes is supported on many consoles.  Some of the consoles that support the game include PlayStation 5 and X Box Series X/S. The game will also be available on PC, PS 4, and Xbox One.

Cricket 22: The Features and Game Mechanics

Cricket 22 is definitely going to be a hit in the world of cricket gaming experience. This game has driven the fans crazy already as it includes some exciting stuff. Cricket 22 is going to feature Australia’s T20 tournament- The Big Bash League. Along with that, the fans will also find the Hundred League of England and Wales.  The game shall also feature CPL to add a tropical touch to the game.

The game also has various licensed teams like England, Australia, New Zealand, West
Indies and Ireland. Teams like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have no announcement still about the licensing. But players can easily select their favorite players by downloading the favorite fan squads and replace them with unlicensed teams.

 Game Mechanics

 The game has still kept the good features from the previous version and added on some bang-on new features that will bring your cricketing experience to another level. Let’s take a closer look at the new innovated game mechanics.

  • New bowling and fielding controls that will redefine the game experience. Also, would help for a better and strict gameplay experience.
  • Better and well explained tutorials. This helps the first-time cricket players in their game.
  • Cricket 22 has come with better visual experience for better game simulation on Pc and Consoles. This includes real time ray tracing experience.
  • A new set of commentary team is introduced which includes stars like Ian Healy, Alison Mitchell , David Gower and Mel Jones
  •  Cricket 22 will also include a women commentary team, which have equal importance as the male team.
  • A carrier driven story mode is added which gives you full control of over the training, press conference and injuries of the players. So, you are in charge both on and off field.
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Get your cricket kit ready to play Cricket 22: The official game of the ashes.