Custom Android ROMS 2020

Why is a Custom Android ROM 2019-20 all you need to tweak up your boring old phone?

You must have been looking ways to add new features to your boring mobile, take your phone’s Android operating system up a notch or just wanted to try something new. Whatsoever might be the reason, we are here to tell you how installing a Custom Android Rom is a solution to all your android problems.

“ROMS” stands for “read-only memory” but this definition has very little to do with what a custom Android ROM actually is.  A custom Android ROM refers to a phone’s inbuilt firmware. It works by replacing your android’s operating system – which is stored in your read-only memory – with a new operating system of your choice.

Here are 5 ways in which Custom Android ROMS 2019-20 could benefit you:


Keep your android up to date

It is common knowledge that manufacturers are slow to provide updates (except Google, which makes the latest OS available to its flagship devices as soon as it is released). Sometimes, no thanks to manufacturing delays, software and firmware updates are available in some parts of Asia but not in any of the regions of Europe.

To avoid such inconvenience, developers take the latest stock Google ROM and make them as the base of their custom Android ROMS. Most of these custom ROMS are available online for free and can also be customized as per your requirements, so, you can enjoy the features of your phone up to its full potential without waiting for the manufacturer to release the latest update in your region. Voila! It saves time and gives access to new features instantly.

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Get rid of Bloatware

Have you ever wondered if you could remove all those good-for-nothing pre-installed apps and games and free that disk space?

No more wondering, if you want to really remove all that bloatware, flashing a custom Android Rom is the best way to do it.

Developers take the stock ROM and modify it in order to remove all the useless apps and only keep the ones that are useful – giving you a bloatware-free, light ROM experience. Some custom Android ROMS also allow the user itself to select which apps to install while installing the ROM.

Overall performance improvement

With the elimination of unwanted apps and games (A.K.A nasty Bloatware), you get plenty of disk space to install and run useful applications of your choice. Consequently, you can enjoy the enhanced performance.

Also, with Bloatware gone for good, there will be no unnecessary apps draining your battery life by running in the background. However, underclocking the device can also save your precious battery life as it will result in processor running on lower processing power and as a result, extending your battery life.

Personalize everything literally

You already have a lot of options on modifying your device as per your needs with in-built software and operating system but flashing a custom ROM gives you an upper hand on everything else.

Don’t like your device’s manufacture’s skin? Install skins to suit your android operating system.

Don’t like the cluttered look of your notification bar? Change it

Hate that volume warning that android shows you when headphones are plugged in? remove it

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Not only these, but you can personalize your devices however you want and in whatever way you want.

Similar User Experience

In today’s rapidly changing technology, you see new software, firmware, and operating systems being released every other passing day. This avails us the opportunity to opt for changing our devices to keep up with the technological trends and more.

Although this is very thrilling, one might long for similar user interfaces from device to device and custom android ROMS enable us to have a unified experience as they can be flashed in different devices without any difficulty.


Android is an open-source system and custom ROM helps us to make the most out of our android devices without confining us to the restrictive usability of Google stock ROMS and other manufacturers’ firmware. It also enhances device performance and boosts the device’s longevity by extending its battery life.