DICE GAMES – List of Dice Games

As the name suggests, here we shall talk about a well-known indoor game that is the dice game or the games played with dice. Till a long time, girls have been known to be more comfortable with indoor games and dice games is the one known to have been their domain of interest. As the days passed by the outdoor games were replaced by the indoor games and more specifically video games.

The modernization of technology and improvement started replacing fields with buildings leading the children to find their interest in games to a different domain. Well if we do not really consider the difference prevailing between the boys and girls of that period yet we also find instances where we do come across the fact that dice games have been interesting the family members even in get-togethers and many more occasions. Looking back to the history of India which started with the Aryans, even then dice games were very popular.

List of Dice Games –

Button Men
Craps / Seven-Eleven
Crown and Anchor
Dice 10000 / 5000 / 1000
Dice Chess
Sic Bo
Stuck in the mud
Zambales Dice Game
Zombie Dice

Dice Games

To add to the reminder, we also have the great epic of Mahabharata which actually evolved the great war of Kurukshetra due to the lost in dice games of the Pandavas to the Kauravas. Games have always been a proper way of recreation and relaxation but also some stories and myths also make it interesting for gamers to try a new one. In fact, there has hardly been anyone who has not tried playing dice games. So here let us talk about some of the dice games that are quite well known:

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One of the oldest known dice was like the backgammon game set in a burnt city. It was an archaeological site found in the south-eastern part of Iran and is estimated to be there since 2800 BC. From the ancient tombs that were found in Indus Valley Civilisation also indicated a possibility of south-Asian origin. The game was played with the idea of throwing dice on the surface either from a container or our hand or cup or tray that was used earlier while playing the dice games. The dice were labeled on each side with different numbers, the numbers which would appear on the topmost part of the surface would be considered as the throw. The way of the throw determined the scores accordingly and it also was in association with the laws of classical mechanics. Well, the probability is also not to be left alone when it comes to the dice games. The die roll made by random or uncertainty throw in minor factors, for example, tiny movements in the thrower’s hand are a crude form of hardware random generator.

Dice games

Another contemporary dice game that we shall talk about now is craps. It is the game where 2 dices are thrown simultaneously and the total value of the 2 dices are counted for the calculation of the total score. The rules really do not vary much in case of dice games as the fun lies in the small strategies that the players use and luck has a great weight in this game according to many dice gamers. The loaded, weighted or crooked die is the one which gets tampered so that it can land perfectly in order for its easy detection and hence its shape has been choosing to be kept as square shape other than any other shape. It could have been made opaque just to add to the beauty but somewhere down the line the white piece having small black dots marking the numbers always holds a different emotion. But in this case, where we are speaking about the craps, we can find that unlike the normal ones it does not have a four-sided tetrahedral die facing the upward side when it is at rest on a surface so hence it has to be on a different way.

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Well in case of some 4 sided die we can see each face is featured with multiple numbers just as we have said earlier in this case the numbers that appear on the tetrahedral die can be placed at the middles of the edges in which we can see the numbers around the base are used. Normally the faces on a die will be placed on the opposite faces will have to be added up to one more than the number of the faces which is not possible with the 4-sided dice. So, some of the dices such as those with 10 sides are usually numbered sequentially beginning with 0, in which case the opposite faces will add to one less than the number of faces.

So finally, we can conclude by saying that the dice games are quite a nice form of recreation when we want to spend time with our family playing games since it suits all ages of people and keeps up the interest equally uplifted.

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