Epic Games Store Is Giving Away 15 Free Games for the Holidays

Christmas is coming very soon and every gamer would be super excited to know that affect game is giving away 15 games for free. Well, it’s the early Christmas for all The Gamers. There is a sale everywhere and a discount on every brand but the epic game decided to do something irresistible.

So to All The Gamers, this can be the best Christmas you ever had. This can be a really irresistible deal for every gamer and thankfully Epic game continuing this for 15 days. The sale will start on December 17th. So, congratulations Gamers 15 days of free games.

Epic Games Store Is Giving Away 15 Free Games for the Holidays

About epic free games

The sale is starting from 17th December and will be for 15 days which means it will be till 2021. PC digital storefront is giving away free games every day. The deal is that each game will be available for only 24 hours and if you downloaded it you can keep it forever. So every single day there is one game that will be coming out for 15 days and it will be free and downloaded to you keep it with you forever.

The epic game also announces that there will be some sale around 75% of on the Merch and goodies. So, it is a happy early holiday for everyone not just for Gamers.

Right now there is no information on which kind of games will be coming out but as per sayings Epic games always provide some quality games for The Gamers and their offers are quite big and good. These offers are not like Amazon Prime for games with gold, Epic games always come up with some amazing Deals And offers.

Epic Games Store Is Giving Away 15 Free Games for the Holidays

What do you need to do for free games?

There is nothing much to do if you want to have all these free games, you just need to go to Epic games store user which is free you just need your email id and a strong password. There is no subscription or any amount needed like in PlayStation. So, this means the game will be forever with you in your library.

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Epic Games Store Is Giving Away 15 Free Games for the Holidays

Here is the list of expected free and epic games:-

  1. 17 December – Dying Light
  2. 18 December – Resident Evil 7
  3. 19 December – The Witcher 3
  4. 20 December – Mass Effect Andromeda
  5. 21 December – Assassins Creed Origins
  6. 22 December – Metal Gear Solid V
  7. 23 December – The Evil Within 2
  8. 24 December – Far Cry 5
  9. 25 December – Fallout 4
  10. 26 December – Borderlands 3
  11. 27 December – Monster Hunter Worlds
  12. 28 December – Dragon Age Inquisition
  13. 29 December – Horizon Zero Down
  14. 30 December – Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  15. 31 December – Hitman 2

To buy all the games you just need to go to the Epic game store and buy these games on the respective days for free. Just remember that deal is for any game is for 24 hours. So be quick and grab them all.

This is the list of all the expected games that may be coming out free for all of you. So what are you waiting for the go ahead and enjoy them forever! And also, enjoy your holidays with your family and friends rather than being busy in these games. You can download them and play them later.

Happy holiday to everyone!