Home Ethernet Splitter? An Ethernet Switch is what Things you really want

Ethernet Splitter? An Ethernet Switch is what Things you really want

Ethernet Splitter

Ethernet Splitter:

Ethernet splitter allows user to use one cable instead of using multiple cables, Ethernet splitters must be used in pairs. If the router or central hub of connection is connected at location 1 and need to connect to a personal computer and other peripheral but each location has one jack. You will have to take two cables coming out of source hub and connect both to Ethernet splitter, at another location splitter will connect to jack off location 1. This process is done at other locations also.

Learn everything about Ethernet - Elements, Optical fibers, Splitters & Cable types

Ethernet Hub – If a switch creates pathways to exactly allow the packets sent from each device to speak together with your router, then consider a hub as a huge chamber crammed with network traffic where packets enter and broadcast or shout to seek out the devices they’re trying to attach . in additional technical terms, hubs cannot allow devices to send and receive data at an equivalent time, which is named half-duplex communication.

This leads to data holdups and collisions, hogging precious bandwidth and causing network slowdown, particularly when you’re using multiple devices simultaneously.

Note that ethernet hubs just about look exactly like switches, so don’t make the error of shopping for this when what you actually want may be a switch. Hubs are yesterday’s news.

Ethernet Splitter Adaptor Types –

“>USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Internet Adapter
HDMI Female to Female Coupler Adapter
Ethernet switch:

Ethernet switch

The internet routers are connected to an Ethernet switch. The switch allows various users to connect with the help of ports and these ports are connected with the internet router. There occurs high-speed switching of the signal. Suppose two electronic devices are connected to a switch, both the devices are performing different operations at the same time, for both the device to work with the internet there occur high-speed switching which is at the speed of light and will not be visible to naked eyes. You can connect multiple numbers of devices according to your needs. Various models of switches are available according to the requirement the Ethernet switches are installed.

Types of Ethernet switches –

Single-mode Managed Ethernet Switch

EKI-7559SI8FE+2FE SC , -40~75℃

Single-mode Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

EKI-5524SSI-ST4FE+2FE ST , ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5524SSI4FE+2FE SC, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃


EKI-5525SI-ST4FE+1FE ST, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5525SI4FE+1FE SC, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

Multi-mode Managed Ethernet Switch

EKI-7559MI8FE+2FE SC, -40~75℃

Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

EKI-5729FI8GE+2G SFP, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5728I8GE, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5726I16GE, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5726FI16GE+2G SFP, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5725I5GE, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

Combo Managed Ethernet Switch

EKI-5629CI-PN8FE+2G support PROFINET, -40~75℃

EKI-5629CI-MB8FE+2G support Modbus/TCP, -40~75℃

EKI-5629C-PN8FE+2G support PROFINET

EKI-5629C-MB8FE+2G support Modbus/TCP

EKI-5629C-EI8FE+2G supports EtherNet/IP

EKI-5626CI-PN16FE+2G support PROFINET, -40~75℃

EKI-5626CI-MB16FE+2G support Modbus/TCP, -40~75℃

EKI-5626CI-EI16FE+2G support ethernet/IP, -40~75℃

EKI-5626C-PN16FE+2G support PROFINET

EKI-5626C-MB16FE+2G support Modbus/TCP

EKI-5626C-EI16FE+2G supports EtherNet/IP

Combo Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

EKI-5629CI8FE+2G, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5626CI16FE+2G, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

Managed Ethernet Switch

EKI-5528I-PN8FE support PROFINET,-40~75℃

EKI-5528I-MB8FE support Modbus/TCP,-40~75℃

EKI-5528I-EI8FE support EtherNet/IP,-40~75℃

EKI-5528I8FE Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5528-PNMA8FE Managed Ethernet Switch support PROFINET MRP Master

EKI-5525I5FE Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

Multi-mode Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

EKI-5524MMI-ST4FE+2FE ST, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5524MMI4FE+2FE SC, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-2748CI6GE+2G Combo Managed Ethernet Switch, -40~75℃

EKI-2742FPI2GE PoE, SFP Injector ,IEEE802.3af/at, 48VDC, -40~75℃

EKI-2741FPI1GE PoE, SFP Injector ,IEEE802.3af/at, 48VDC, -40~75℃

EKI-2741FHPI1GE PoE, SFP Injector ,IEEE802.3af/at,up to 60W, 48VDC, -40~75℃

EKI-2726FHPI4GE PoE and 2G SFP Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, IEEE802.3af/at, 44~57VDC, -40~75℃

EKI-2711HPI1GE PoE Injector, IEEE802.3af/at,up to 60W 48VDC, -40~75℃


EKI-2541SI10/100T (X) to SC, Industrial Media Converter, -40~75℃

EKI-2541S10/100T (X) to SC, Industrial Media Converter

Managed Ethernet Switch

EKI-5528-PN8FE support PROFINET

EKI-5528-MB8FE support Modbus/TCP

EKI-5528-EI8FE supports EtherNet/IP

EKI-5526I-PN16FE support PROFINET, -40~75℃

EKI-5526I-MB16FE support Modbus/TCP, -40~75℃

EKI-5526I-EI16FE support EtherNet/IP, -40~75℃

EKI-5526-PN16FE support PROFINET

EKI-5526-MB16FE support Modbus/TCP

EKI-5526-EI16FE supports EtherNet/IP

EKI-5526I16FE Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

Multi-mode Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

EKI-5525MI-ST4FE+1FE ST, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

EKI-5525MI4FE+1FE SC, ATEX/C1D2/IECEx, -40~75℃

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