International Friendship Day 2021: Know Everything About the Day!

Friends are the people who help us keep going through all the ups and downs in our life. We can be ourselves when we are around them. These people know everything about us from our deepest darkest secrets to our horrible mistakes. They are chosen, family.  Even on the worst days, the only bond that you think of first is with your friend.

Well, you are lucky enough if you have a friend who would laugh at you if slip on the road while walking and then picks you up. There should no special reason to celebrate such a beautiful bond. But it becomes really necessary to appreciate such an important Bond. So, on the Special Occasion of International Friendship Day let’s look upon how this day was started.

Date: International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is celebrated every year on 30th July. International Friendship day is declared by United Nations (UN). The UN decided to celebrate this day so as to promote the role of friendship and how it helps to keep peace within different cultures. It also promotes the concept of friendship across diverse cultures and backgrounds. But in countries like India, Malaysia,  United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and the United States friendship is celebrated on the First Sunday in the month of August.

History Behind International Friendship Day

In the year 1930, the first friendship day was organized by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. His main intention behind celebrating the day was that people come together to celebrate their camaraderie. He wanted to celebrate this day on August 2. But as people realized this was just another act for selling cards. The day lost its significance and it died in the United States. But still, there are many countries in Asia that celebrate August 2 as Friendship Day.


Later on in the year 1958 on July 30, an International Friendship Day was proposed. The day was proposed by the World Friendship Crusade. It is an international civil organization that campaigns to foster a peaceful culture with the concept of friendship. There were many instances that gave birth to the idea of celebrating friendship day globally.

So finally on 27th April 2011, United Nations General Assembly declared 30th July as International Friendship Day. The Assembly even celebrated the day by inviting the members and enjoy the day with respect to their customs and practices.

Significance : International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day holds a very special and important place globally.  This day is more important in the sense as it celebrates the strong bond of Friendship. The bond between two or more people irrespective of their caste, race, color. This day gives hope for a better world where everyone is united and staying peacefully together. The day brings together everyone leaving behind all their grievances and fights.  

Celebration : International Friendship Day

The celebration of International Friendship Day is done by friends exchanging greeting cards and gifts. You can also spend quality time with your best friends and go out for an outing. Some people even make friendship bands and tie them on their friends’ wrists. There are even similar rings that people give to their best friends.

As friendship day is around the corner tell your friends how special they are! And how lucky you are to have them in your life. Shower all your love on friends this Friendship Day.