Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021

Escape from Tarkov is a very popular video game. The game is a first-person shooter game from the house of Battlestate Games Studio. It is famous among hardcore gamers and also for the in-game currency sellers.

Interchange is at the best location as it has all the places to loot, kill, collect and explore inside the map.  There will be many locations in the shopping mall that you don’t want to miss. Some of them are the parking lot, burger shop, power station, and man more.


So don’t miss this Escape From Tarkov 2021 Interchange Map Guide. This guidebook will help you to discover all the secret locations that all players should know in the shopping center. Get all the locations where you will find weapons, crates, registers, and other loot and spawn points.

So without any further undue let’s just start to know the Escape From Tarkov Map. Be the best player in the game by following the Interchange Map Guide.

Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021

Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021 Overview

The map of the game is a three-story mall building. The main stores in the building are Goshan, Oli, and Idea. You can also find a parking garage, go-karting area outside, and also an outside area.

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Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021  Exit Points

The exit points are also important in the Map. On the map, you can find three major exit points. The first one is the Railway Exit, The Car Exit and the last one is Emercom Checkpoint.  Don’t forget that in a raid only one person can use The Car Exit. Remember if you don’t know where to go then follow the wall alongside to reach outside.

Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021 Spawn Locations

There are many locations on the map you look at the landmarks on the map. Just look at the maps and know where you are.  There are locations that are marked as X for the common spawn locations.

Once you are sure where you are on the map and double-tapping the”O” Key and you can extract the location. Landmarks in the maps include Two large Signs, a checkpoint, and a power station.

Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021 Keys

Here are the keys from Escape from Tarkov Interchange Guide. Find the list below, we hope it might help;

  • ULTRA medical storage key
  • Key to pharmacy
  • Key to OLI logistics department office
  • Key to KIBA Outlet grate door
  • Key to IDEA cash register
  • Key to KIBA store outlet
  • Key to EMERCOM medical unit
  • Key to utility room of OLI outlet
  • Key to OLI administrator office
  • Object 21WS Keycard

Note: Always remember to check your jackets and pockets or bags from Scavs. You can find many cool items in the game. The items will help you kill your enemies if needed.

This concludes all the Major Areas in the Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021. Explore the map and know the locations well so you can know how to kill the enemies. There are many things that we have mentioned in the incredible map. We will keep you updated if there are any more updates to discover the map.

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Play the Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map explore the best location. Stay Tuned , Stay Home.