This new way to use Hello World is epic, In the city of programming and development these days we get to know more and more about these languages with the passage of time. All the maths and programming languages that are used these days have some way or the other ways to express themselves and one of the most common examples used to express that is this example of a hello world. When a student 1st learns to print words in programming language printing hello world is the most commonly used example.

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Hello World

For the centuries the mathematicians felt there was a connection between mathematics and logic, but no one before George Boole could find this missing link. After he invented Boolean algebra, Claude Shannon used it to analyze telephone switching circuits and cleared a path for Boolean algebra applications. Because of Shannon’s work, the engineers realized that Boolean algebra could also be applied to computer electronics.


Hello World

Apart from providing various classes for obtaining inputs, java also provides classes for printing. The java 2D printing API is not only limited to its graphics. It enables us to print the content of the application’s user interface as well.


Printing involves deciding what to print and then readying a printer for it. In other words, we can say that printing involves the creation of print jobs. A print job is a unit of work to be run on a printer and may consist of printing one or a lot of files. The system assigns a singular job variety to every job because it is received.

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In java printing system or the java printing API, the program has a contract with the printing subsystem to supply a given page at a given time. The printing subsystem may request that our application render a page more than once or render pages out of sequence.


By sending the strips of the page rather than the full page to the printer, it permits the applying to print complex documents that may need a lot of printer memory than is accessible. the applying doesn’t have to be compelled to acumen to print every strip. It solely must acumen to render a given page. The API can watch out of the rest. during this case, the printing subsystem may request that a page be rendered many times counting on the number of strips needed to print the page fully.

If the paper tray on a particular printer outputs the4 pages in reverse order, our application might be asked to print the document in reverse order, so it will appear in the right order in the output tray.


After discussing a few basics to print in java let us now talk about the printing sequence in java and there are 2 most commonly known printing sequence in java, and they are:

JOB CONTROL: creating a print job, associating it with a printer, specifying the number of copies and user print the dialog interaction.

PAGE IMAGING: drawing content to a page and managing the content that spans pages (pagination).


Hence this is all that we needed to know about the printing statement since we were discussing the most common example that is being given while printing a statement. Well before we completely conclude this topic, we also need to know about the displaying of the dialog box which states that an application typically displays a print dialog so that the user can adjust various options such as a number of copies, page orientation, or the destination printer. This is done by invoking print dialog () method via the print job object (object of print job type).

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