How to make a website – a complete guide to beginners

In today’s world website is very important. Literally, anybody is creating a website without even knowing designing, coding. You just need proper resources and tools to create a wonderful website.

To create a website, here are some steps that anyone who want to create a website without soemdig much can use.

Technical skills

It all depends on what kind of website do you need to meet rail complicated for heavy design website you need to learn and encoding and Javascript, HTML. But even if you don’t know all of this you can create a good website.

How to make a website - a complete guide to beginners

Make a plan, create content and the structure

The first thing that you need to do is make a good structure for a website. Bitter gourd structure it will be really easy for you to go further and create other things for your site. And the other thing is to create more content for your website.

You know what kind of website you are creating and by just simply writing down what you want and in which way you want it it would be really very easy for you in the future to make your website a wonderful site.


Domain name

Well, you will be needing a great domain name. A domain name is a real necessity and try a catchy name for your site. You just need any name for your site and just add .in or .com.

To find a great domain name for your site quickly.

WordPress setup

Here comes a major and big tab that you have to create an account on WordPress. Click on my site and create a site on WordPress. Give some basic information about your website and you are good to go!

After all the setup is done, the blue shot will show you everything regarding your information and be safe about everything. Also, verify yourself and get a free SSL certificate on WordPress by providing some basic information about your website and keeping it safe.

You have created the content, structure, management, and domain for your website. So, you don’t need to do much and just get yourself verified on WordPress.


How to make a website - a complete guide to beginners
wordpress website

Theme and designs

After setting up your website you can change the themes and create them in the way that you want. Design it in a way that will look good. There would be tons of designs and themes that you can select and make your website look more attractive. Put the content that you have created for your website and design it and make it more creative.

Add a logo for your site, change the theme, change the design, change the text, and put some photo,s and the content for which you have created the website.

Put the content in such a way that it will be more accessible to people and everyone can go to your website. Don’t choose some heavy tools and resources that would be e a burden for you. As a beginner, just use simple tools and make, it look simple so that the person who is going to see your website doesn’t have to do many things and can simply go through the site.

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