How to Pluto TV Activate – Pluto TV Guide/ Channel List

Pluto TV channels to make you forget your old cable TV

How to Pluto TV Activate - Pluto TV/ Channel List

If you are fed up with your content shown on your cable TV or paid streaming services on the internet, there is an option that would undoubtedly prove to be a better shift. This is a streaming TV service called Pluto TV App which provides a lot of TV programs that you can watch 24x 7. All the channels on Pluto TV are free. This means no subscription for watching your favorite programs on channels you prefer the most. This software platform will help you put off your set-top boxes and pre-packaged channel combinations that you have selected or is available on your cable networks and satellite TV. Pluto TV is unlike many other streaming services existing in the market which are paid.

Channel numbers

There are more than 100 channels, 80 categories and thousands of programs that you can watch for free via Pluto TV application. Install the Pluto TV app after downloading it from the app store. Numerous features of Pluto TV can be surfed after downloading the app. Registering to the Pluto TV app is completely free.

Compatible devices with the App

Pluto TV app, is downloadable from the app store and can be installed on any smartphones, tablets, PCs or Mac devices. The app will help to play different channels on smart devices. Additional there is the facility of synchronizing the Pluto TV app on your smartphone (either iOS-based or Android), with the Pluto TV account on your smart TV. In other words, Pluto TV application on your smartphone can be paired with your smart TV. It will make your smartphone a remote control to operate your television set. You will have the liberty to edit the channels lined up in your account.

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Device compatible with Pluto TV currently

Currently, Pluto TV activation is downloadable only on selected devices. The list of the same has been jotted down for quick reference:-


Amazon Fire TV


Sony PS4

Steps for activating Pluto TV on your smart device

Activate the Pluto TV app on any one of the above-listed devices which you are using. You may follow the guidelines that have been given here in the article. Downloading the Pluto TV app requires firstly registering via creating an account with the application.

Activating Pluto TV on a smart device

How to Pluto TV Activate - Pluto TV/ Channel List

After creating an account for Pluto TV, follow simple instructions listed below to activate the app on your device:-

1) Go to channel 02 on the guide or press the activate button located on the left side of the guide.

2) A 6-digit code will appear on the screen which needs to be filled in for activation. So, either write down on a paper or remember this code for activation.

3) Thereafter, insert the 6 digit code on your device.
Depending upon the account or the device you are using, the activation process may be slightly different.

To simply download and activate Pluto TV app on your smartphone logged in your Pluto TV account on your device

Pluto TV Activate

Go to my Pluto> Activate> enter the code
After entering the code supplied to you, your Pluto TV account will be activated on your device. Now you can further pair your smartphone with other devices having Pluto TV activated on them.

Pair your smartphone’s Pluto TV app with iPad / iPhone, Apple TV, smart TVs, PCs / MacBook, PlayStation, Xbox, Android TV or other Android smartphones.

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What in case your first activation code fails?

If you need an activation code again, there is no problem with the same. Pluto TV app can send numerous activation codes for users’ ease.

To get a new activation code, just visit Channel 02 once again, click the activation button to get the code, and the new activation code will be generated immediately.

Un-pairing the device initially paired

Once you have finished watching channels on your Pluto TV app, you can unpair the device without any hassle. When the app is no longer in use, just go to My Pluto > activate > select device > tap ‘X’ button. This process will unpair the Pluto TV account on your smartphone with other connected devices.

List of channels on Pluto TV app

Numerous channels are available on the Pluto TV app for free. Some channels will not show up outside the US as streaming rights restricts the same.
A few of the favorite channels have been listed below so that you have ample reasons to analyze the benefits of downloading my Pluto TV app.

Channel lineup -:
The strip
The oldies
Rat pack
The onion
What the Funk
GLORY kickboxing
Big sky conference
Combat World
The Asylum
Holiday lights
News 24/7
Voyager (UK)
Unsolved mysteries (UK)
Health & fitness
Web series
And many other

Different than the rest

Pluto TV is offering thousands of TV shows and movies for the viewers’ delight. These programs have been organized into a consistent and logical system of channels. This application for entertainment is not complicated to set up on any of your devices. But the interface of this TV is slightly different from the other existing software app. So it could appear slightly difficult in the beginning. But this difficulty will vanish once you are fully equipped and acquainted with the working of the app.

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Read more about the Pluto TV app on the official site.

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