How to Tag People on Instagram: Step by Step Guide

Hello Friends, Welcome to Informationmaina as in my previous articles, we have learned how we can change the Fortnite account name. And now we are going to discuss in this article How to Tag People on Instagram. For the same, we will guide you step by step.

What are Instagram Tags?

Tagging, the act of making a “tag” on Instagram, is when an individual attaches a selected label to a post, picture, video or status that groups it with other content that uses the same label.

Tags a convenient way for people and businesses to expand the reach of a message or photo on Instagram. Tags allow users to seek out content like pictures and videos that they might otherwise not seen. Tags are also used in Instagram Tag Friend contests. For this reason, tags and hashtags are popular on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

How to Tag People or a Business during a Photo.

When adding a photograph to Instagram, you’ll have the choice to tag different people, businesses, or brands.

To tag someone or a business in an Instagram photo, follow these steps:

As you’re uploading a photo, tap the “Tag People” button.

Tap on the person or object in the photo you want to tag.

Type in the username and it should appear from a drop-down menu. Click it.

Tap “Done”.

Note: Similar to Facebook, you may have trouble finding a username if you don’t follow the person or business’s account. If you don’t see the username, you can search for it through the Instagram search function. To streamline the process, we recommend following a user before tagging, or if you’re ready to post, going back to edit and tag the photo after posting.

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Tagging Someone in an Instagram Caption

In addition to tagging an individual or a business within the Instagram photo, you’ll also tag an individual or a business within the caption of an Instagram photo. Tagging during a caption is beneficial when the caption mentions the business itself. A tag during a caption enables followers to quickly click on the tag to access the tagged user’s profile.

To tag someone during a photo caption, follow these steps:

As you’re writing the caption, type @ and therefore the username of the person or business.

Tap the username as it comes up.

Tap “Done”.

The caption of the photo is also the place where you can use hashtags. If there are relevant hashtags for the photo like #instafood or a custom hashtag for an event, this is the place to include it.

Tagging in an Instagram Photo After Posting

In the event you forgot to tag a lover, or accidentally tagged the incorrect person, you’ve got the choice to edit your picture once it’s already been uploaded.

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To tag someone during a photo after publishing the photo, follow these steps:

Access the photo in your profile.

Tap the icon with three dots on the proper, below the photo.

Tap “Edit”.

Tap the icon on the left that appears sort of a person.

Tap on the photo and tag a user on Instagram with “add people”.

Tap “Done” within the “Add People” screen then tap “Done”.

Tagging Someone in a Comment

Another way to utilize tags is within the comments of posts. Tagging another user during a comment is beneficial if you would like to alert another user or ask an issue to the person or business who posted the image. If someone comments on your picture, you ought to respond and tag them within the comment. Tagging during a comment works in nearly an equivalent way as tagging during a caption.

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To tag someone in a comment, do this:

Type the @ sign with their username.

The username should crop up when you’re replying to a comment albeit you don’t follow the user.

Tap the username.

Post the comment.