Build a functioning Water Elevator in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that requires a lot of transportation. Transportation becomes a very important factor in the game. It is very important to understand the ways of transportation. To understand transportation, one must understand the different structures of transportation. There are multiple ways to build a specific structure in the game.

The two different ways that the transportation deal with is vertical and horizontal transportation. Horizontal Transportation deals with horses and Minecraft systems. On the other hand, Vertical Transportation deals with elevators. There are many different ways to build an elevator with a Redstone.  Today we will guide you on how to build out water.

Don’t worry we will try to keep the guide as simple as possible. First thing first let us understand what do we need to build the elevator.

List of Items required to Make the Water Elevator.

  • Door
  • Glass
  • Magma Block ( use for going down)
  • Soul Sand (use for going up)
  • Kelp

This the small list of items you will require to build the elevator in Minecraft. Make sure you have all the items to build the elevator without any issues.

How to make the Water Elevator in Minecraft?

Once you have gathered all the items that you need to build the elevator. It is time to suit up and start with the construction process. We have given a step-by-step guide for the construction of the water elevator. Just follow all the steps and build your own water elevator in Minecraft.

 Before going into the in-depth detailing about the construction of the elevator. Let us understand the whole process in its shorter version. To construct a water elevator, you will need to have two columns of blocks. They should be aligned in such a way that they form an enclosed space between them. Once you have the enclosed space, place the doors so that the water doesn’t flow out. Fill column with water, and later turn all the flowing water in source blocks. Replace the block below your kelp with soul sand to make upward bubbles. Then place in the magma block to create the downward bubbles.

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The process seems a little difficult. But  the guide will make it very simple to build the water elevator.

Step By Step Guide for Building Water Elevator in Minecraft.

 Here is the step-by-step guide to build a water elevator in Minecraft.

Step 1: Before starting with the construction process of the elevator. You need to gather glass first. The amount of glass you should have is directly equal to how high your water elevator will be.

Quick Tip: Multiply the height number by four. Example: If you need an elevator of 8 blocks, then you need 32 blocks of glass.

Step 2:  Once you have all the glass you need. Simply craft a water bucket and collect water in it.

Step 3: While you are filling you water, dive right in the water body. In the water body you will find your kelp.

Note: The water body should be ocean to find the kelp.

Step 4: It is time to go to the nether. Here you will find the soul sand and the magma block.

Note: These two blocks spawn anywhere in the nether. One must explore the nether to find the blocks.

Constructing the Water Elevator

Now you have all the material necessary to build the water elevator. Let us begin with the construction process of the water elevator.

Step 1: Build a glass enclosure around the blocks.  The block should be hollow in the middle of the four columns. The elevator can be as high you wish. The height of the elevator depends upon how long you want to travel.

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Note: Make sure that you leave two block tall hole at the side of the column. As that is going to be the entrance for your elevator.

Step 2: Go inside the elevator. Place the doors in the open space of the elevator.  This step will help to stop the flow of water outside the elevator.

Step 3: Now start filling the elevator with water with the help of the water bucket. Start from the top block as it will let the water flow in the downward direction.

Note: The only problem with this method is that each block should have a source block. The kelp will be your savior in this method.

Step 4: Fill the water with the help of the kelp. The kelp will make each block a source block.

Step 5:  The final step. Now all you need to do is replace the lower block with a soul sand or the magma block.

Note: Replacing the lower block with soul sand will push the water upwards in the elevator. And replacing the lower block with a magma block will pull the water down in the elevator.

Also, you should be careful while you step on the magma block in survival. It can cause you a little damage. Make sure you always regain your health as you walk out of the elevator. Also, don’t get trapped in the magma block as you cannot swim against the heavy current of water flow.

You can replace the magma block with any other block. But if you do that it will stop the fast downward flow of water. It will also stop the bubbles that will give you sir while transporting.

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We hope now you can construct the best water elevator with the guide. Build your water elevator in Minecraft with the guide. Stay tuned for many more tips and tricks.