With time changes a lot of factors. Some of the factors being sleep habits, food habits, work
routines, and many more. Now the most problematic situation that has been a major concern in the
field of teenagers or the people who just stepped into adulthood is sleep. There is a huge wave of
complaints all over social media regarding the lack of a sufficient amount of sleep. Some have been
infected with insomnia as well. So here we can discuss some factors that can help us to maintain the
body balance by maintaining the right amount of sleep we need on daily basis.

One of the recent concerns that should be kept in mind is the moderate use of caffeine. The work
the pressure that has increased especially due to the pandemic situation has been overwhelmingly
dreadful and hence overdoes of coffee in reducing the sleep that we need on daily basis.
Some people also believe that taking a lot of sugar can help them sleep but it’s best if we do not rely
on sugar in a huge amount and instead, we can divide our day and work in such a manner that we
have breaks in the middle of our works. Our eating time is consistently maintained. The minimum
amount of 6 hrs sleep is maintained by making a habit of going to sleep at the same time every day!
Insomnia is a disease that does not let a person sleep at all and in the process leading them up to
depression, anxiety attacks, and many more health issues. This does not only affect an individual to
the mental level but the effect of it on the physical self can be immense too. Dark circles, dermatitis
of various kinds, and in some cases consultants with psychiatrists have been recommended.



This pandemic indeed has been way too hard and it is not easy to keep our inner peace intact but
facing is the only way to conquer it. Taking care of ourselves and our loved ones in these small little
ways can together pile up to be the shield to protect us from the unseen demons of our lives.
Maintain a few regularities and habits and even though in some days it may be hard to keep going,
do not forget to push yourselves for 1 more day and eventually, a day would come when you no
longer are pushing it but it’s a part of you!