Pbs kids games- Best online and video games for Kids

To keep your little one learning at home, PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS for Parents have a suite of services. A curated list of games, software, crafts, hobbies and recipes can be found below.

An educational, fun-filled app that empowers your preschooler to test and solve issues with engineering concepts. Designing robots and roller coasters, constructing robotic towers, and solving problems with an obstacle course! With your kids learn STEM concepts as they experiment with basic tools for engineering.

*Games and Apps from PBS KIDS:

Almost 200 educational games that can be downloaded anytime, anywhere for offline play. Some of our favourites are here:

1. Daniel Tiger For Parents:-

With songs and videos from the hit Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood PBS KIDS collection, the Daniel Tiger for Parents app empowers parents and caregivers.

Is your kid learning how to share? Struggling to try a new meal? Working about what to do with emotions that are mad? For these significant social-emotional skills, Daniel Tiger for Parents has a song and many more little lessons from life!

Crafted with busy parents in mind, the app for caregivers and kids is simple, educational and entertaining. It features over two dozen songs from Daniel Tiger, supporting videos from the neighbourhood of Daniel Tiger, and helpful tips for parents about the essential skills kids need to be ready for school and life.

Pbs kids games- Best online and video games for Kids


• More than two dozen of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’s most popular songs cover important topics such as emotions, self-control, and responsibility.

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• More than 60 video clips to watch and share with your kids, modelling the use of these songs by Daniel Tiger and his family

• Over 90 conversation starters and tips for parents in daily life with realistic ways to use Daniel Tiger songs

• A custom image frame to take pictures, catch the moment and share with friends and family with each song.

• Also available in English and Spanish.

2. Cookie Monster’s Challenge:-

Award Winner of Parents’ Choice – Silver Honor! “* * Ranked “Best of the Best” by Best Educational and Entertainment Value Apps for Kids! *

Cookie Monster’s Challenge presents a series of brain-building games designed to challenge and involve kids (ages 3-5) by learning self-control, attention, memory, following instructions and problem solving, skills that are important for school readiness.


• Each game presents an exciting challenge designed to give children the chance to practise these key skills. Ten mini games.

12 Levels-The mini games get more complicated with each level, keeping kids interested and inspir

One Insane Cookie Making Contraption They win pieces of a giant and hilarious cookie-making machine as kids beat prices. Children will use the computer to decorate and deliver their hungry friend Cookie Monster the cookies they have won.

Profiles– Up to three distinct profiles can be created by children and parents so that everyone in the family can advance at their own speed through the game.

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3. The Cat in the Hat Builds That!

You want an app for science? With a tap, The Cat in the Hat gives you that! In their backyard, children play and learn, to see how science is pleasant, not hard!

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“This app introduces pre-k kids to science research and engineering (STEM concepts through games tailored to their learning progress, based on the PBS KIDS series, “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.

Together with the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally, children can create bridges, explore friction through slides and sort fun things and instruments in fantastic lands.

They win incentives to decorate their treehouse and backyard as children play, and unlock games that encourage them to tinker and explore in their own way.

Pbs kids games- Best online and video games for Kids

It involves easy and enjoyable hands-on activities that can be performed together by parents and children, expanding the fun of STEM to home and daily materials.

4. PBS KIDS Scratch Jr:-

Kids will make their own interactive storeys and games with PBS KIDS ScratchJr featuring their favourite characters from Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, WordGirl and Peg + Cat! With this innovative coding app for kids ages 5-8, the storytelling possibilities are limitless.

Children will make characters run, leap, dance and sing by snapping together colourful programming blocks. Children can learn to solve issues, design projects and express themselves creatively on a tablet in the process.

Children don’t just learn to code, they code to learn with PBS KIDS ScratchJr.

Other such games are

5. Play and Learn Science
6. Scribbles and Ink
7. Guess the Feeling
8. Space Waste Odyssey
9. Pinkadance
10. Explore with Molly

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*PBS KIDS for Parents Crafts, Recipes and Activities:

It offers parents information, events, and tips. Be sure to check out their tips, colouring pages and useful content for children aged 2-8 covering a wide variety of child development topics.

1. Daniel Tigers Neighborhood:– Via imagination, innovation and music, Daniel Tiger and his friends learn key social skills required for school and for life.

2. Homemade Gak: This gooey mixture is rendered and manipulated in this engaging hands-on operation

3. Inflate a Balloon with Baking Soda and Vinegar: In this cool craft project and science experiment, a few household objects will cause a balloon to inflate!

4. A House Just Right for Me:- Building a house for a doll or for a favourite fictional character such as the Cat in the Hat is a fun way to practise measuring skills with your kids!

*Pbs kids games wild kratts:-

WILD KRATTS CREATURE POWER puts a bee, a raccoon, and an elephant in a creature power suit for kids. Children become bees and migrate through flowering flowers in the Bee Game, pollinating matching flowers. They assist a mama raccoon in the Raccoon Game to collect the right foods to carry to her babies — berries, nuts, worms, frogs, and fish. By using mud for sunscreen, water for baths, and dust for bug repellants, they help elephants cope with their environments in the Elephant Game. Kids win stickers and are able to insert their own image as prizes in a creature power suit.


The PBS game is all about an educational, fun-filled app that helps your preschooler to explore and solve engineering concept problems. Designing robots and roller coasters, creating robotic towers, and solving an obstacle course crisis! Study STEM principles with your children as they play with simple engineering instruments.


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