Pointers in C Language – Tutorials in C programming

What is the C programming language? Whenever you step in the field of computer i.e. programming, then firstly you are taught C language.
What is the C programming language, and why is it first asked to read it? In this post, we will learn about the same thing. In this blog, all the tutorials of the C programming language will be mentioned in full detail along with the programs.

Embedded c programming tutorial

Pointers in C Language - Tutorials in C programming

C language is a general-purpose programming language called Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie. Was developed in C Programming Language was created to develop the UNIX operating system.
C programming language was developed to create a system application that directly hardware devices such as kernels, drivers, etc. Could easily interact with This programming language is considered the base of all programming language,

Because all the syntax in it is very easy and C programming language has been used to develop all the programming languages.
c programming language is a procedural and structured programming language.

  1. #include <stdio.h>  
  2. int main() {  
  3. printf(“Hello C Programmingn”);  
  4. return 0;  
  5. }  


• This language is the most popular programming language today.
• It is the successor of language B language.
The concept of C language is used in all the software that is made.
• The UNIX operating system is written entirely in the C programming language.
• C language has been used to develop almost all programming languages.
• C includes both features of the low-level language and high-level language. Hence it is called Middle-Level Language.

What is a Procedural Language?

Pointers in C Language - Tutorials in C programming

It is a type of computer programming language that specifies a series of well-structured steps to write a program.
Which provides such a process/procedure that any program can be written well. Writing well is called well-structured steps and for this reason, it is also called a structured programming language.

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• Easy to learn: C programming language syntax is very easy and has a very clear syntax which makes it very easy to learn this language as taught to a small child by alphabets (A – Z) one by one. Goes so that he can go ahead and make a string or word. Similarly, in this programming language, every small and easy word has been used to make it easy for new people to learn.
• It is a portable language, meaning that the code written in this programming language can be easily run in another machine without any enhancement.

• The most main features of this language are the extended features, meaning that a lot of programming language has been created by using this programming language.

• A-C program is made up of a collection of many functions that are supported by the C library. In this, you can also create your own library, that is, you can also create a user define the library.

• It is a robust language because it has a lot of in-built functions and operators that provide an easy way to write any complex program.

C language is the most basic language. If you want to enter the programming field of the computer then first you have to learn C language. If you learn another programming language without learning C language then it can be a bit difficult for you because just like a child cannot make words without learning one character of the alphabets, similarly, you can learn C language without further Can not learn programming language well.

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