Pokemon battle revolution review

Pokemon battle revolution is the first and very famous Wii incarnation of the Pokemon video game franchise. Pokemon is the first Wii game that uses the Nintendo wi-fi connection in Japan and North America and the second Wii game to wirelessly interact with the Nintendo Ds handheld.

The Pokemon battle revolution has eleven different colosseums in a Pokemon-themed park which is called poketopia. Many other Stadiums have their special effects, like randomizing the order of one’s Pokemon. There are some other effects which are choosing the order of an opponent Pokemon and setting level limitations.

Gameplay of pokemon

Pokemon battle revolution review

The famous game has 11 different features, each with a special change to normal play or prerequisite and a colosseum leader. The crystal has a 16 person single-elimination tournament mode. The renter pass holder is only open to the gateway colosseum and Neon Colosseum and the used wheel to choose the player and opponent’s batting Pokemon. The Pokemon available to the rent become more powerful. The poke- coupon is earned by the player of the currency of this game.


Pokemon online functionality

The Pokemon home console is the first Pokemon battle revolution home console title to go online in the United States and also is the first online game for the Wii console.

It has two features in online mode.

● Battle with someone;- In this the player faces off against a ransom opened. After each battle player is given a chance to exchange trainer passes.


● Battle with a friend;- In this players are allowed to battle a friend using a friend a code.

In online players mode, Nintendo DS control cannot be used. When the player plays random online battles, the player’s trainers’ custom greeting and Pokemon nickname are also changed to native nation default.


The development of the Pokemon.

Pokemon battle revolution review

The famous game was first announced by Nintendo president Satoru Lata in Nintendo Marketing in Japan. The game was announced on 7 th June 2006. The DS features are also accessible in the 2006 Nintendo World tour for the first time.

The overview of the Pokemon

The game first premiered and received mixed reviews from critics. The game has received 5 out of 10 in IGN. The famous online platform game is also criticized for lacking functions such as tournament play. The game is criticized for not being as good as XD: Gale of darkness and the pearl to open the whole game experience.