Pubg India, Pubg corporation has announced the relaunch of Pubg in a whole new avatar. It will come as early as before or after Diwali. The ministry of electronics and information had banned Pubg earlier and other several Chinese apps in India. The reason was it imposed a threat on sovereignty, integrity, defense, and security of the country India. In its new version, players will be provided with a healthy and secure gaming environment which will ensure the protection of privacy and security of Indian players.

The company will be conducting regular audits or checks, verifications of the storage system which will be holding Indian users which will be identifiable personal information for reinforcing security and ensuring that data is managed in a safe manner. Krafton is a holding company of Pubg Corporation. It is said that Pubg corporation will be set up in India which will provide employment to 100 people in India for improving communication and services.


The app version of the game was banned by India which was distributed by Tencent games which is a leading game company in China.  Pubg mobile India will be a separate game with almost similar elements, features to the previous version. If the government still acclaims that it has problems, then the Pubg corporation will have to make new changes in the version of the app before its re-launch.


  • It’s a battleground royale game.
  • A multiplayer game
  • The game can be played by creating teams or single.
  • It’s a player versus player shooter game.
  • The team can be made up of four players
  • There are maps available in the game.
  • There are several kinds of weapons, arms, and other equipment available for killing the opponents.
  • Players who are killed can be looted by taking their weapons and other types of equipment as well.
  • There are high-risk types of equipment available which includes better types of equipment.
  • The in-game currency is gained by the player which is based on their performance.
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The rotating event game mode is included in the game which enables to change of the normal game rules of establishing larger teams, changing the distribution of weapons and armor across the map available in the game.


Pubg i.e. player’s unknown battleground is an online multiplayer battle royale game that is developed and published by Pubg Corporation.  The game is based on several mods that were created by Brendan. In the game up to a hundred players parachute into an island and hunt for weapons and several types of equipment for killing while also avoiding oneself to get killed. The safe area is available in the game in the map which decreases by its size which directs players into tight areas for forcing encounters. The last player or team which survives at the end wins the game.


It is a popular widely game played by millions of gamers around the world. Pubg mobile had garnered about 400 million players in its database and about 50 million active players who play the game regularly every day. Pubg mobile has seen the highest number of downloads in India. It is the only mobile game which had telecasted its advertisement on Indian Television. The Pubg was released on the history of the Erangal or history of Miramar. It was developed by Tencent Games. The game consists of fictitious buildings and places and includes some real-life architecture also.

Before launching the new version of Pubg India, the government will rectify its terms and issues. According to the current situation and announcement by Krafton, its encouragement is that it is ensuring to comply with the directives given by the government which includes security of the data. The efforts to make according to the needs of the Indians like the default characters who will be fully clothed, hit effects have been changed to green instead of red and many other updates will be seen the app version of the Pubg India game. Pubg Mobile Lite will also be there. The new version of the app will include and reflect the local needs like virtual simulation training ground settings, clothes on new characters and green hit effects, etc.

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So, at the least, we can say that the Pubg India app version will make comeback in India with its new version and updated features for the Indian players. Safety and security of data will be the main focus of the developers and the company developing the new version of the app.


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