Risk of Rains 2: Unlock the Survivors

Risk of Rain 2 has been a popular game since the end of 2019. This rogue-like game is shaping an amazing replay value for the gamers to play. Rise of Rain 2 comes with over 9 characters to choose from for the players.

But not all the characters in the are unlocked when you initially start playing the game. At the beginning of the game, the characters who are unlocked are Commando and Huntress. One can unlock the rest of the players in the game as they proceed in the game. For unlocking the other there are various challenges that are to be completed. And Some other characters are unlocked after reaching a certain level in the game.

As each character unblocks the reward received from them is huge. As each of the characters has its unique playstyle and characteristics. When you combine their unique playstyle and skills you can discover many ways to play with the character in the game.

The survivors of Risk of Rain 2 are unique in their own way. Let us understand how to unlock the characters

How to Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Survivors?

The Commando

Unlocked at: The start of the game.

The Risk of Rain 2 begins with Commando been unlocked. Each player starts the game with this character. Commando has some basic effects that are easy to use. If you can manage to line up all the enemies you use Commando’s Secondary ability to hit multiple times. He has also proved to be solid.



Unlocked at: Beating the level one five times.

MUL-T has the ability to swap between two types of attacks at the same time. The first shot which is a short-range nail gun, this attack helps to control the crowd when there many enemies. The second attack is long-range sniper, this attack is helpful to kill enemies at a far distance.


Unblocked at: Beat the first 3 levels without getting killed.

Huntress is a character who has a high DPS and has great mobility. A disadvantage that comes with high mobility comes low health. She can shoot enemies while she is sprinting and also has a strong damage area.


Unblocked at:  Compete 30 Levels

The Character Engineer is defense-oriented. You will need to get strategic planning and good style to make the most use of the character. You can place dual turrets, shields,s or mines to take you down the enemies. This will help you to survive in the game.

The Captain

Unblocked at: Beat the final boss in the Commencement.

The captain is the latest character in the Risk of Rain 2. The captain has great survival and support abilities. This character is the greatest addition to the team. One must defend all the enemies in the way to get to the Captain.


Unlocked at: Beat all the 9 challenges in the Void Field.

To reach the void field enter the purple portal in the Bazaar, there is a hidden cave that will lead you to the portal.  Acrid is a character in the team composition who has poison skill. Poison will not kill the enemies but it will reduce the health of the enemy.


These are a few characters that you can unlock in the Risk of Rains 2. There are many more characters to explore in the game. The other characters which you unlock in the game are Rex, Loader, and many more.

We hope that this information will help you to unlock the characters in Risk of Rain 2. Play and unlock the characters. Upgrade your skills with each passing level. Until then, Stay Safe, Stay Tuned.