Re Zero Season 3: All We Know about the upcoming Season

The show is developed from a light novel series. Written by Tappei Nagatsuki. It is illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Re: Zero is one of the most popular isekai anime fantasy in the recent years.

The Series mainly revolves around Subaru Natsuki. On how he gets transported to another world. As he has read all the isekai and anime, that makes him believe that he will receive great abilities. Though it seems that the powers that he received help him to respawn and started again from zero. In this, he meets a girl who is half elvish named Emilia, whose fate is connected to Re: Zero.

As recently the show had concluded its second season. Though the ending was quite concluding of the second season. So it was assumed that the show won’t have another season. But hold your breath anime Fans the show is going to have season 3 for Re: Zero. Dive into the article to know everything about Season 3.

Re Zero Season 3: All We Know about the upcoming Season

All We know about Re: Zero

Season 3 Re:Zero  : Release Date

The producers of the show haven’t confirmed anything about the release date of the season. But seeing the past records they always keep the fans full of suspense about the coming episodes. Even if there is confirmation about the season, the viewers should not expect something really soon. 

As fans already know the anime was very trendy when it first premiered in 2016. It almost took 4 years for the Second Season of the anime to premiere. It was finally premiered in 2020. So, the fans should keep their hopes a little about seeing the 3rd season soon.

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Season 3 Re: Zero: What could possibly happen in the upcoming plot

The Season 2 finale was very conclusive. Subaru, Emilia, and Beatrice defeat the good Rabbit horde. Beatrice finally learns that the present Roswaal has been possessed by what she knew 400 years ago. Roswaal makes amends with Subaru and promises to support Emilia’s claim to the throne. Emilia has certain misunderstandings about how babies are made, and Subaru has got to clear it up. Emilia knights Subaru. He remembers his parents, who stay in Japan. And promises to serve Emilia loyally, also declares that he’s her knight and no one else.

Season 3 will start from Volume 16 of the light novel’s adaptation. Anastasia, one among the opposite royal candidates, might invite Emilia to Priestella, also referred to as the Water Gate City. Subaru may need to go through the murky political waters there to guard Emilia. However, he and his group might soon discover the important intent of why the invitation was sent.