Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Unity in The Last of Us.

Game of Thrones Stars Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal to be united again on HBO’s adaption of a blockbuster video Game.

HBO’s Tevelision adaption  of the blockbuster seires The Last Us would have Game of Thrones Stars Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. These stars were also seen in Disney’s Star Wars Spinoff The Mandalorian. They will be seen in the Roles of Ellie and Joel in the coming drama.

Last of Us which is from Sony and the game developer is Naughty Dog. In 2013 when the game was released it had stormed the market.  The game won numerous awards and also sold more 17 million copies over both PlayStation 3 and its original release. It was released on PlayStation 4. The growth of this game has not stopped.         

The news of the game was Broke in last March. Since then there were speculation about the cast. The fans on social media thought of Kaitlyn Dever for the role of Ellie. While, Mahershala Ali was rumoured to be approached for the role of Joel.

The story was the television is set to 20 years after modern civilization. The centres of the relationship between Ellie, 14 year old teenager and Joel, a smuggler in the new world. Joel was tasked for transporting Ellie to lab which is across the  country where a cure is been developed.  The script shall also include material for The Last of Us 2 which was set five years after the original game was released.

Mazin in an interview hinted that the TV series would fill out the expand versions on the story, but it will not undo any already established elements of the game.


Since there is no proper news on when will  The Last of Us series will be aired. The Series will be co-produced with Sony Pictures.  Sony Pictures had announced in 2019 the formation of the PlayStation game franchise. This section will be dedicated to the TV and movie production of PlayStation Game.