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About Sports Memorabilia Stores

Let’s discuss Sports Memorabilia Stores, Basically Sports memorabilia as used for items like a souvenir, memento, keepsake or token of remembrance. These products have some of the other direct connection with the renowned athlete, sports event or personality. Fans collect these items as they attach emotional and/or monetary value to them.

Owing to the emotional/sentimental values attached to these items, there are no set parameters that can define the items connect to exact personality, belongingness or even the era, as these items keep on changing ownership hands sometimes, accidentally, other times intentionally.

Any piece of certain kind may be considered a collectible item for one person.

Values attached to sports memorabilia

Usually, items that are directly connected with sports personalities are of higher monetary value.

Physically products are involved in every sports/ outdoor activity, let it be cricket, chess, badminton, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc.

For cricket fans items used by their favorite player would be invaluable and owing the same is a matter of great pride.
For example, the ball used by Mark McGwire to hit his 70th home run in the season of 1998 was sold for $3 million.

Cost Valuation of Costliest Sports Memorabilia

A New York Yankees baseball jersey worn by team player Babe Ruth during the 1920 season has been recorded as one of the most expensive pieces of sports memorabilia that have been ever sold. It was sold for $4,415,658 in the year 2012.

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The year 2016 recorded the ten most valuable sports cards and memorabilia sold for a record-setting combined cost of $12,186,294.

Autographed memorabilia versus non-autographed
Memorabilia autographed by the genuine player are usually more valuable than the non-autographed items.
Items that have been personalized using some comments and mentioning the recipient’s name adds more sentimental value.

Memorabilia collectors often look for a certificate of authenticity while buying these items.
Due to the high monetary value attached to genuine sports memorabilia, several companies have developed systems to prove the authenticity of game-used or autographs on memorabilia.

As an enthusiastic collector/ buyer, always seek out dealers that offer a lifetime, money-back, authenticity guarantee.

How are values assigned to these Sports Memorabilia?

Sports Memorabilia

The value of a signed item generally bears a direct relation to the profile of the signer. Also, the scarcity of similar items positively affects the money value of these items.

When a renowned sports star becomes non-existing, the value of his/her items often goes north as there will be no longer an opportunity to get more from him/her.

For example, after the death of Muhammad Ali, the famous American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist, in 2016 the demand and prices for signed Muhammad Ali memorabilia raised considerably.

Football fans – Top Memorabilia Collectors

Sports Memorabilia

During the 1980s, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL began selling their jerseys in stores.

These jerseys used during games became a hot item among sports memorabilia collectors. Former NBA player, Dennis Rodman, was famous for taking off his jerseys after the game use to get over. He was into throwing them to the stands after his games.

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Michael Jordan is one of the most sought after basketball player, whose fan use to love collecting his memorabilia.
The highest price fetched for a football (soccer) match worn shirt is $224,000. The legendary Pelé wore it. He wore it during the 1970 World Cup final and his Brazilian team was the winner then.

Sports Memorabilia top stores

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Rally House Alpha – Sports Wear, Gift Shops, Souvenir Shops

Autographs Ink – Hobby Shops

Madness Games and Comics – Hobby Shops, Comic Books

The Cowboy House – Hobby Shops

The Framesmith – Art Galleries, Framing

CSD Framing – Framing

FastFrame Frisco – Framing

What to check on the certificate of authenticity of sports memorabilia?

Certificate of Authenticity should include the details of the signing session. In the majority of cases, a photo of the player signing the product line at the signing session is also included on the product as a mark of genuinity. The item at times has the photograph on the printed certificate provided by the item seller /dealer along with the product.

Check for the details of the company selling the memorabilia. It should be registered and should bear a unique company number provided as per the legal forum of the nation in which it is located. All these precautions taken while buying a sports memorabilia will help you save from future frauds.

Throwback Moments via Sports Memorabilia

Collectors os Memorabilias enjoy looking back in the ear while finding sports memorabilia as it gives the pleasure of reliving those times. Even before the evolution of the internet, sports memorabilia like boxing glove signed by player Sullivan, Johnson, Ruth, and many Hollywood stars and American Presidents have been sold for huge money. Its importance can be judged by the fact that this glove is now on display at the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

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“Game-used” terminology
“Game-used” items is a term used for items worn on the field while playing a game session, worn during the pregame, or by a player on the bench. These items may be jerseys, pants, caps, helmets, gloves, shoes, sunglasses, bats, balls, turf, flags, or other items used by a player in the stadium.

Sports memorabilia extends to car racing items too. In NASCAR and other automobile racing events, the metal from the cars, the tires, the driver uniforms, the crew uniforms and even the concrete from the various racetracks are popular collectibles for fans.
Trunks (shorts or pants) used by popular boxers are no exception. Greg Haugen in boxing fights are also popular and sometimes sells for 100 dollars or more.
In Europe, football (soccer) and rugby memorabilia have the largest market share among collectible lovers. High-profile players’ shirts, boots, and photos are in great demand.

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