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Taboo Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, storyline, and the latest update

Tom Hardy is coming back with another season of taboo and I guess those who have watched season one is really very excited about season 2. The show debut in 2017 and after that there was no update regarding another season.

Taboo Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, storyline and latest update

As in March 2017, there was an announcement regarding the season but nothing more than that, and the fans eagerly waited for another season. Still, now we don’t have much of the information regarding this season 2 but there are some detail and Plot twist that has been announced by the director Steven Knight.

So let’s find out more about this Victorian-set drama show in get to know more about the show that is been created by Tom Hardy and his father. Here is all the information that you need to know about Taboo season 2.

Release date of the season 2

There is no official announcement that has been made regarding season 2 but we expect that it will come around mid or late 2021. What’s the panda mix slow down the production of everything right now we can’t expect that it will release this year anyhow so let’s hope that it will release in 2021.

The return for taboo is all dependent on Tom Hardy’s presence because he has been shooting one another film. Right now there is no announcement that Tom Hardy is back on the production house for season 2 of taboo but as soon as he will be done with the film there are chances that they will start with the shooting for the return of taboo.

So, right now, there is known as mint regarding the return of taboo and we expect that soon Tom Hardy will start the shooting so that all the fans can calm down.


Cast of season 2

Tom Hardy will be returning for this season and here we have listed all the potential cast members that will return for season 3:-

Lorna Bow/Delaney (Jessie Buckley),

Mark Gatiss (the Prince Regent),

Stephen Graham (Atticus),

David Hayman (Brace),

Edward Hogg (Michael Godfrey),

Jason Watkins (Solomon Coop) and

Nicholas Woodeson (Robert Thoyt).

There is a list of the recurring cast:-

Scroobius Pip (French Bill),

Roger Ashton Griffiths (Abraham Appleby),

Tom Hollander (George Cholmondeley),

Marina Hands (Countess Musgrove),

Lucian Msamati (George Chister) and

Louis Serkis (Robert, James Delaney’s half-brother) 

Taboo Season 2: Release date, plot, cast, storyline and latest update

Plot for season 2

The storyline of the season starts with James Delaney returning after so many years of living with looted diamonds in Africa to England. He’s back to follow the mourning of his father. the series exhibited to us that the dark side of London.

He understands that the battle between Great Britain and the United States is currently inferring.

This year we may see that the priority will be on James’s tattoo and the answer behind it. We might also get to know why he’s currently battling with the East India Company(EIC) and Mark Gatis’s Prince Regent. This season will be exciting, filled with action and drama.


So, here is all the information that we know about Season two of tables, and as soon as there is an announcement or update we will keep updating you! All those who are excited about another season please don’t let your excitement be RAW and we will get to see another season in few more months, possibly.