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The Best mystery Books of 2020

2020 is over but we are still not over with 2020. 2020 is more about me time and in this me-time, we have discovered that books can really be our good friends. Sometimes it’s just like you don’t need anybody you just need your coffee and a good book. That’s the whole mood itself.

Sometimes we do feel like going out and have some social life but, sometimes it’s just that you need your time and learns and read more. Well, learning is a part of life, and getting to know more is something that changes your life in a very different way. The more we learn and the more we know about things, it changes our perspective in many ways.

Here are some of the books that you might like and well if you are not in the mood of reading something more like history or in the mood of reading some nonfictional mystery things, here are some books for you:-

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The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

It is a classy murder mystery book by British TV comedian and presenter Richard Osman. So, as a comedian wrote it, this is a laugh at loud kind of books. If you’re the kind of person who likes to read both humor and mystery or both of them together, this is your book. And if you’re not, go first read the sample of the book.

Troubled blood by Robert Galbraith

The previous for the book of the writer has been quality work and recommended by experts. So if you are into mystery books best book for you. Even if you want to gift someone a book this is a great recommendation. The writer of the book has a tendency to get better and better with each of his sequences and this is also one of the finest books of Robert.

Perfect kill by Helen Fields

This is the sex book of the writer and it is as fabulous as all the other five books of Helen and we recommend you if this is beginning of you reading some mystery books this is not the perfect one. Perfect remains, is a kind of book that you must read when you start reading some mystery books and you will love it and that will develop that strong feeling towards some fictional mystery books.

Good girl, bad girl by Michael Robotham

This book is shortlisted for the 2020 CWA Gold Dagger and 2020 Edgar Allen Poe Awards. So by just telling about this award, you must get it how fascinating and amazing this book would be. We highly recommend you to read this good girl bad girl book and tell us how much you like it!

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Walk the Wire by David Baldacci

This is a mystery and thriller novel which focuses on FB and some threats to national security. In which book of David you will get to know more about the place the scene settles down and you will learn a lot about that place. And in walk the fire you will learn more about North Dakota.

If you are into mystery and thriller books these are some of the recommendations that I give you and well if you know any bug that might be more thrilling, I’m totally open to suggestions and recommendations