Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020-21

Top 20 richest footballers

1. David Beckham – $450

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

David Beckham is a retired football player. He joins this list due to his net worth. He is the first English footballer to hold a league title. Beckham was titled the highest-paid football player. His net worth is around $450 Million.

David Beckham net worth – $450 Million

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – $450 million

Cristiano is among the richest footballers in the world. He got the 5th Ballon d’Or, which is usually gifted to the best player. He earned himself the title ‘5th Champions League’. He scored 3 goals in the 1st tournament with Spain and the hat-trick awed many football fanatics. Ronaldo has lifetime deals with Herbalife, Nike, American Tourister, EA Sports.

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth – $450 million

3. Lionel Messi – $400 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

He gets a salary of $84 million and endorsements $27 million adding up $400 million. He extended his contract with Barcelona and he will play for the club through 2020 to 2021.

Lionel Messi net worth – $400 million

4. ZlatanIbrahimovic – $190 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Zlatanborn in 1981 in October. He is ranked among the world’s top football players. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is originally from Sweden. He was part of the Sweden National team. Zlatan Ibrahimovic retired from football with a net worth of $190 million.

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ZlatanIbrahimovic net worth – $190 million

5. Wayne Rooney – $160 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Wayne Rooney is an English footballer currently playing for D.C. Rooney is a top-class goal scorer. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth as $160 million. Rooney had a Nike old school boot that had an awesome vintage style.

 Wayne Rooney net worth – $160 million

6. AlexandrePato – $145 Million

AlexandrePato started his career when he was sixteen years. Later on, Pato was signed by Sports Club Internacional and allowed to compete for the Campeonato Brasileiro Sub 20. Alexandre’s net worth as of 2020 is believed to be $145 Million.

AlexandrePato net worth – $145

7. Gareth Bale – $125 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Gareth Frank is playing for F.C Real Madrid as well as Wales national team.  He is popular for his unique playing technique of striking a ball. Bale is also renowned for how he swerves. Gareth Bele’s net worth is estimated to be $125 million

Gareth Bale net worth – $125 million

8. Andres Iniesta – $120 Million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Andres Iniesta is a footballer from Spain who started his career after joining the Albacete youth squad. He did great work and led the Barcelona Under-15 team in 1999 to win the Nike Premier Cup. Andres Iniesta has a net worth of $120 Million.

 Andres Iniesta net worth – $120 Million

9. Kaka – $105 Million

Kaka is a Brazilian football midfielder. He plays for Sao Paulo FC. Kaka is believed to have a net worth of $105 Million.

Kaka net worth – $105 Million


10. Neymar – $105M million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Neymar is a Paris Saint-German star who also plays for the Brazil national team. He is becoming more and more popular. Neymar has many deals with big companies like Nike, Red Bull, McDonald’s, and Gillette. Forbes gives us the proof that the 26-year-old was the 1st footballer to ever wear ‘Custom Air Jordan Sneakers’.

Neymar net worth – $105M million

11. Francesco Totti – $101.6 Million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Francesco is an Italian football player. Francesco was titled the “Italian Footballer of the Year” and received Ballon d’Or nomination. Francesco has a net worth of $101.6 Million.

Francesco Totti net worth – $101.6 Million

12. Eden Hazard – $100 million

Although Eden Hazard is from Belgium. Eden plays as an attacking midfielder, and also as a wide midfielder. He is famous because he plays with style, an aspect that has seen him gain a lot of attention. His tricks and technical abilities are often compared with those of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

 Eden Hazard net worth – $100 million

13. Raul – $100 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Raul is a famous striker. His impact is still felt by his stunning performances and victories. He played for Schalke 04, Real Madrid, and Al Sadd and New York Cosmos. Raul is believed to be one of the highest goalscorers in Champions League history.

Raul net worth – $100 million

14. Samuel Eto’oFils – $95 million

 The 38-years-old player is from Cameroon and he receives endorsements of $3 million. Samuel plays as a forward. He played for a number of clubs such as Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Mallorca, Everton. He is a top African scorer. Samuel scored 100 goals during the 5 seasons.

Samuel Eto’oFils net worth – $95 million

15. Ronaldinho – over $90 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

He is a clear indication that this game can make you massive wealth and enjoy it over your lifetime. Ronaldinho remains one of the world’s most talented and prolific players even though he retired back in 2015.

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Ronaldinho net worth – over $90 million

16. Frank Lampard – $90 million

Before Frank Lampard began his career in management. Frank played for various English teams. Frank Lampard acquired so much money to see him in the top 20 richest football players.

Frank Lampard net worth – $90 million

17. Paul Pogba – $85 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Paul Labile Podge is a footballer who is currently playing for Manchester United as well as France. His net worth is roughly $85 million.  He earns a salary of $20 million annually. He plays as a midfielder. Pogba has 10 years’ deal with Adidas. He has managed to score 6 goals as well as 10 assists in a total of 28 appearances.

18. Sergio Aguero – $80 million

Sergio Aguero is one of the top footballers. His net worth is about $ 80 million. The 30-year-old plays for Manchester City as well as the Argentina national team.

19. Oscar – $70 million

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Oscar is a Brazilian player for the Chinese Club, Shanghai SIPG, as well as the Brazil national team. Celebrity Net Worth estimated his net worth to be $70 million. Oscar’s transfer fee to the Chinese Super League was worth £60 million. Currently.

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20. Luis Suarez$70 million:

Top 20 richest footballers in the world 2020

Celebrity Net worth estimated it to be $70 million. The striker plays for Football club Barcelona as well as Uruguay national team. Luis has managed to win a total of 16 trophies, 2 European Golden Shoes, a Premier League Golden Boot, and finally winning the La Liga’s ‘Pichichi Trophy’.

Luis Suarez net worth – $70 million