Types and Usage of the Slip Rings

The Basics: How Slip Rings Work

Slip Rings, the basic concept is to use springs to press a series of brushes against a rotating ring. counting on the planning and rpm requirements, the brushes are often fixed with a rotating ring, or the ring is often fixed with the brushes rotating.

The slip rings Springer Controls offers, manufactured by Tecno Elettrica Ravasi (TER) are made from brass. counting on the present requirements, the brushes are often made from graphite or bronze. bronze offers better conductivity and wear life, but graphite is more economical.

Types and Usage of the Slip Rings

Wireless connection s offer some benefits to the brushed slip ring because they don’t have the brush/slip ring contact point which may wear over time.

A wireless connection uses magnetic flux to transfer power and data over a little air gap between the rotating and glued portions of the connection. Wireless slip rings are limited in terms of what proportion power is often transmitted and thus aren’t suitable for all applications.

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Types of Slip Rings

Slip rings are classified into various types consistent with construction and size. sorts of slip rings are explained as below.

Pancake connection

In this sort of connection, the conductors are arranged on a flat disc. this sort of concentric disc is placed in the middle of a shaft. the form of this slip is flat. So, it’s also referred to as a flat connection or platter connection.

It will reduce axial length. Therefore, this sort of connection is meant for space-critical applications. This arrangement has more weight and volume. it’s greater capacitance and greater brush wear.

Mercury Contact connection

In this sort of connection, mercury contact is employed as a conducting media. Under the traditional temperature condition, it can transfer current and electrical signals by liquid metal.

The mercury contact connection features strong stability and less noise. And it provides the foremost scientific and economical option for applications in industries.
But the utilization of mercury creates a security concern. Because it’s a toxic substance.

It’s very dangerous to use this sort of connection in applications like food manufacturing or processing and pharmaceutical. Through Hole Slip Rings
This type of connection features a hole within the center of the connection. it’s utilized in devices where require to transmit power or signal when need 360˚ rotating.

Types and Usage of the Slip Rings

This type of slip rings is meant to put in with a flange on a sleeve bracket. it’s free space within the center for connecting the shaft of a machine without affecting cable while it’s rotating.

Ethernet connection

This type of connection is developed to supply reliable products that allow the transfer of the ethernet protocol through a rotary system.

While choosing an ethernet connection for communication, there are three important parameters that have got to be considered; Return Loss, Insertion Loss, and Crosstalk.
Ethernet slip rings are designed to satisfy the need for matching impedance, reducing losses, and controlling crosstalk.

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Miniature Slip Rings minimal This type of connection is extremely small in size, and it’s designed for little devices to transfer signals or power from a rotating device.
Miniature slip rings are ideal for electrical devices like the instrument panel, video transmitter, and sensor.

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