Voot’s Illegal Justice, Out of Order Season 2- Here is everything you need to know.

Illegal is web series on Voot. The series was earlier called Law and Order. The story is about an idealistic lawyer who trapped in the world of criminal law. The series basically revolves around how that lawyer brings the out-of-order justice system in order. The first season of the show was a huge hit. It was praised by the fans a lot.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of the show. The trailer launch has already brought eagerness among the fans. The drama series at the end of the season has kept many questions hanging. Let us unwrap all the different aspects that we could expect in the upcoming season.

Illegal Justice, Out of Order Season 2 Cast.

The main question who should we expect in the next season thrilling season of the show. As the character selection for the show was a tough job for the makers. But the season 1 casting of characters was incredibly perfect. As all the characters did justice to their role. Now as we expect the next season of the show. Who would be in it? Is the bug question!

 The main cast of Piyush Mishra (JJ), Neha Sharma (Niharika), and Akshay Oberoi (Akshay) remain the same.  There are chances that we would see some additional new faces in the upcoming season. As new faces will bring some new turns and twists. The second season will get a lot more interesting.

Illegal Justice, Out of Order Season 2 Release Date.

As the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 of the show. There is no proper surety upon the release date of season 2.  But we can expect the show on the OTT platforms around in the month of July 2021. So, tighten up your seat bleats for some courtroom drama.


Illegal Justice, Out of Order Season 2 Plot Summary.

With the nail-biting ending of Season 1 of Illegal. So, the upcoming season comes with more twists and turns. As we know that JJ has killed Mehar Salam, and they are expected to fight a case now. There is a lot to unwrap in the murder story of Mehar Salam.

Also, there is one more rape case that is pending. We could expect a lot more thrills and transforming twists in the upcoming season. But this is what we just anticipate with the season 1 ending.

 The series has many predictable twists and turns. But the at end of the day it’s a worth watch. Once you start watching it, you will binge-watch the whole season. Stay Connected with us so that we could update you with more updates about the series.