Zip File Extractor – Benefits, Create Zip file, Download and More

In today’s article, we will learn about the Zip File, what it is, how to make it and how to Unzip (Extract), today we will provide this information to you.

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Zip file

This is a type of Folder in which you can keep a lot of files and folders together by compressing them. As Compress added a Word here, let us tell you in a little detail.

When you make a Folder or File a Zip File, then its size decreases ie File Compress. So if you want to send that file to someone else, then your work becomes very easy and at the same time, you can send all your files by creating a Zip File at once. Mostly you must have seen that when you want to download software from the Internet, then you get that software inside the Zip File itself. Now the question comes, why does this happen on most websites?
three answers to this question-

How do Zip Files work? (Zip File extractor)

• A Zip file receives three things:
• It bundles one or more files into a container file.
• Its content is compressed as small as possible, it can be reduced to 90%.
• When you compress the files, the compression program will scan the file to compress repeated pieces of information.

zip file

How to Create a Zip File

how to create a zip file

To create a Zip File, it is necessary to have Winrar Software in your laptop/computer first. first of all, you need to download Winrar Software and install it on your computer or laptop.


For which you click on Winrar and install 32 Bit or 64 Bit Win Rar according to your operating system.
After installing the software, all you have to do is follow some basic steps.

Step 01. Select your Files or Folders 

Now, first of all, you select your Files or Folders which you want to make Zip File and click Right Button with Mouse, now you will get a list of some options, here you will notice that some Symbols like Books will be your List. Has been added to that which were not there before. Icons of these books are also given their names so that you know what they are meant for.

Step 02.Select Zip

Zip file

If you see in the opened page, then you have been given three options Rar, Rar 4 and Zip because we are learning to create a Zip file, then we have to tick on the option with Zip, now you also get these two options: Compression Method and Directory Size Huh.

But you do not make any changes to both these options and click on the OK button below. Now your file or Folder Zip file will start to convert and within a few seconds, your file will go inside the Zip File.
In this way, you can also create a lot of your files and folders together in a Zip File.

Benefits of Zip Files

benefits of zip files

01.Single Click Download- 

Many files of software are made together in Zip File so that you do not need to download different files. You just download the Zip file with a single click and as soon as all those files are extracted, you are exposed to them separately. In this way, a single click can take advantage of Dowanlond Subidha.
02. Virus Protected-
The most important thing about Zip File is that it cannot be Virus Infect, which does not cause any harm to your software, hence most websites use Zip File.

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03.Password Protected- 

Many people on the Internet link others’ software to their website and increase the traffic on their website, in such a way, the original owner, by protecting that Zip file with a password, makes his website name or URL password so that it can be known that In actual, that software is taken from which website.

How to Unzip Zip File

Now we learn how we can Unzip our Files and Folders, so for this, you have many ways but we will learn the easiest way to Extract / Unzip all our Files and Folders in one go.

Step 01. Select your Zip File

First of all, select your Zip file, click with the mouse on the Zip file you want to unzip, then it will be selected and now click the right mouse, then you will get some options but this time Icons with Books will give you The top will be found, out of which three options you can unzip your Zip file.

Here we will click on the option to Extract to (Your Folder Name) and all your files and Folders will come out at once.
Similarly, now suppose you want to extract only one file and not the rest of the files, then you first open your Zip Folder and select the file you want to extract and on the Extract Button.

Now Winrar will ask you for permission where you want your file to be, let’s say we want to put our file on the desktop, then we will simply click on the Desktop menu and press Ok.


All you had to do was check the desktop and then you will find your file there, in this way you can extract all the files and a file from the Zip file.

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